DPOrganizer GDPR Data Protection Management Software

Be GDPR Compliant. Map, Visualize, Report and Manage your Processing of Personal Data

Ensure you always have a handle on your GDPR adherance with the GDPR management overlay that is DPOrganizer. Map your processing activities, conduct DPIAs, create a dynamic privcy policy and collaborate with your fellow senior managers. There is never a shrugged shoulder with DPOrganizer.

DPOrganizer Visualisation and Reporting

Visualise & Report

Be able to plot data controllers, processors and third parties onto a map; or output elements of your processing activities into an exportable PDF report.

DPOrganizer Data Protection Impact Assessments

Impact Assessment Module

Conduct your GDPR data protection impact assessments using a guided wizard. Concluding with an overall risk score and the ability to export the results.

DPOrganizer Dynamic Privacy Policy

Dynamic Privacy Policy

Stale privacy policies are banished. With the transparency widget, a dynamic tool is added to your site allowing data subjects to view aspects of your GDPR adherence.

DPOrganizer Wizard Driven

Wizard Driven

DPOrganizer is fully wizard driven, making GDPR adherence and management as simple as answering a number of questions.