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Renaming Files With Dynamic Parameters Using MOVEit Automation
12 December 2019
So, you have installed MOVEit Automation and have started to create automated workflows for moving files from one location to another. But with that initial requirement now fulfilled, what else can you get out of the solution?...
8 Things That You Didn't Know You Could Do With MOVEit
11 December 2019
With over eleven years' of technical experience with Ipswitch MOVEit solutions, we quite often are asked about how the solution might be able to solve some of the requirements which are not typically spoken about on the marketing materials....
How to Create a PECR Compliant Cookie Banner
23 October 2019
If there is one topic which seems to be rearing its head again and again lately, it is the topic of website cookie management and the display of compliant cookie banners....
How Could a No-Deal Brexit Affect Data Transfers?
20 September 2019
Generally I don't like to write about brexit because of the emotional attachments that some people have to it; and the fact that it is almost impossible to find stock imagery which doesn't sway to either side of the debate....
What is an AS2 File Transfer?
18 September 2019
If you have worked with file transfer systems for any length of time, you might have heard of or even seen settings available which refer to AS2. Despite this protocol and its predecessor AS1 having existed since the 1990s, very few people know what it is or how it works....
Five Alternatives to FTP - Secure File Transfers
17 September 2019
FTP has been around for as long as I can remember; and according to Rapid7 is still in widespread use today with over 21 million FTP servers on present on the internet today....
Five Things to Consider When Replacing an SFTP or FTP Server
13 September 2019
When it comes to old technology lurking around in your network, there is as good a chance as any other that an FTP or SFTP server is part, having been a staple of most IT teams for a very long time....
The Top Four Managed File Transfer Solutions Available
12 September 2019
Like many industry sectors these days, there are a number of managed file transfer solutions on offer, all with their own features, user interface and optional extras. Just a google search for managed file transfer will return a plethora of results which are hard to effectively sift through....
Delegated Administration with MOVEit Transfer for ITAR
9 September 2019
Of all the blogs that we publish, the ones which are my favourite to write are those stories whereby we have helped a customer or prospective customer to achieve something which the normal marketing materials or administration guides do not cover....
What is Configuration Management & Why is it so Important?
9 September 2019
It was a revealed in a recent Fortinet survey of CISOs that one of the top three priorities for the next few years is the integration of network operations and IT security. Something which is corroborated by what I am witnessing when speaking to and visiting our customers....
Everything You Wanted to Know About NetFlow and More
28 August 2019
In this blog we take a look at NetFlow and other network packet analytics; what they are; how they work; and most importantly, should you be monitoring it....
Why it is Time to Ditch Connect Direct For a Modern MFT Platform
21 August 2019
If you are reading this blog, chances are you are familiar with IBM's MFT (Managed File Transfer) solution Sterling. If you are not, Sterling is an acquisition which IBM made a number of years ago, taking with it a large swathe of international customers who use the Sterling product line to move files between external and internal (and vice versa)....
The Top 5 Network Monitoring Tools
18 August 2019
Having worked with network monitoring tools for almost ten years, we like to think we know a thing or two about this technology and the solutions on offer. Yet, with so many new features, such as cloud monitoring, network packet analysis and application metrics, now available with these tools, it can be dizzying comparing them....
SP1 Release Keeps WhatsUp Gold 2019 the Strongest in the Market
30 July 2019
It's Summer! The weather is good...sometimes; many of us are taking well-earned breaks; and nature is in full bloom. What more could we need?...
MOVEit 2019 Becomes Faster & More Flexible with SP1 Release
24 July 2019
As with previous versions of Ipswitch MOVEit solutions, we pride ourselves on being the first partner in the EMEA region to bring you the latest information about any new releases. This time is no exception....
The Phishing Technique You Are Almost Certainly Vulnerable To
16 July 2019
In early 2017, the world was introduced to a form of domain spoofing which is almost impossible to spot with human eyes. Major internet browser vendors were quick to build capabilities which could detect these occurrences. However, when it came to email, most still lag behind today....
Why Relying on Office 365's Built-In Email Security is a Bad Idea
5 July 2019
We get it, you migrated to Office 365 and low and behold it has its own built in email security capability. Thats handy, no more need for a separate solution, Microsoft can handle it for you, right?...
9 Simple Ways to Check Whether an Email is Fraudulent or Not
5 July 2019
Email fraud or using email as a mechanism for breach has been around for almost as long as the existence of email itself. From the moment of its creation, there have been those who seek to use it for nefarious purposes....
WeTransfer Sent Customer's Files to Incorrect Recipients
24 June 2019
Today we heard some news which had passed relatively quietly through the usual media outlets, despite it being highly embarrassing for the cloud-based managed file transfer vendor WeTransfer....
Super-Charge Automated Email Attachment Processing with MOVEit
19 June 2019
At Advanced Cyber Solutions we often like to highlight customer success when we feel there has been a particular innovative approach take; and this blog post is no different....
Windows 2016 Has More Than 270 Configuration Vulnerabilities
19 June 2019
How do you deploy your Windows Server images? If you are anything like the majority of IT teams out there, you download the latest ISO from the Microsoft website, maybe even use one you have downloaded in the past. Then post install you spend a couple of hours applying all the patches which have been released since....
5 Common Phishing Mistakes You & Your Team Are Probably Making
5 June 2019
If you haven't received a phishing email in the last twelve months, then you are a rare breed indeed. Levels of phishing have been rising in the past five years creating a global problem, that some sources such as Verizon quote as being the delivery mechanism for up to 90% of malware and ransomware....
Ipswitch MOVEit Now With Certified MuleSoft Integration
4 June 2019
It wasn't to long ago that we were excited to see the release of MOVEit's first REST API methods, opening up the possibilities for ever more integration and automated workflows. Many of which our customers have since explored....
MOVEit Ranked No.1 MFT Solution in Customer Satisfaction
10 April 2019
I have been working with Ipswitch solutions for over nine years and am frequently asked why I have stuck with the same solution in all this time, whilst others have branched out to offer multiple managed file transfer solutions in their portfolios....
Ipswitch Releases Crowd-Pleasing WhatsUp Gold 2019 Update
8 April 2019
At least twice a year, we run an update webinar showcasing the latest release of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold, to our customers, prospects and the curious alike. With Spring rapidly approaching (we hope), that time is upon us again with the release of WhatsUp Gold 2019....
Ipswitch Focuses on Usability, Scalability & Security in 2019 Release
19 March 2019
That time is upon us once again, where Ipswitch releases its bi-annual release of managed file transfer solution MOVEit....
How to Automate Even the Most Mundane of Tasks with iMacros
18 March 2019
There are few senses of achievement higher than finding a simple solution to a problem which was thought too complex or seemingly impossible, by others. Here at Advanced Cyber Solutions, we are often asked to assist our customers in such scenarios, and relish to opportunity to put our thinking caps to the test....
Where is Your Data? Cloud, Data Sovereignty and the GDPR
18 February 2019
When the topic of the GDPR (General Data Protection) was hotting up a couple of years back, one question which would raise its head consistently was the compatibility of the cloud with elements of the regulation which restrict the geographical location of data processing....
Advanced Cyber Solutions Awarded by Ipswitch, Again!
14 February 2019
For the second year running, Advanced Cyber Solutions have been awarded by managed file transfer and network monitoring vendor Ipswitch, for our hard work in 2018....
4 Reasons Why You Should Have NetConsent On This Year's Budget
25 January 2019
There is an cartoon which often pops up on social media and IT circles, which depicts an army armed with bow and arrows, preparing for battle. Trying to get their attention, is a salesman with modern military equipment, although he is being ushered away on the premise the the army is too busy....