3 Reasons Why You Should Know What iMacros Are

3 Reasons Why You Should Know What iMacros Are

If you ask any IT manager or senior leader, what their priorities are in the coming twelve months. You will get a response along the lines of "more automation". What seems like an obvious pursuit in any field is now becoming a trend in IT circles, as they attempt to find ever increasing ways to lesser the response times and as a result, the human interaction between systems.


Well a number of reasons really.

Humans add expense, they introduce increased possibility of errors and in comparison to their electronic counter parts, humans are much slower.

However, this blog is not intended to list the negative aspects of human led systems. Rather promote the benefits of automated systems. Namely, iMacros.

An Ipswitch based solution which can automate almost anything in a web-browser.

Why do they excite the writer of this blog so much? Well... read on.


iMacros Have Some Incredible Applications

In any scenario where there is a repetitive task in a web-browser, iMacros has the potential not just to automate that task but to also increase the speed at which it is executed.

Here are some examples of how iMacros are being used in the real world.

  • Price comparison companies or rival retailers are able to create iMacro tasks which can scrape the current price (data extraction) from numerous sites and return this information in a file format.
  • Organisations with significant data entry tasks can use iMacros to perform this task automatically by reading the inbound file and entering the contents into the destination application.
  • Businesses can verify addresses and address formats with their national postal service website, using a list of unverified addresses as an input.
  • Automated website testing whereby an iMacro task configured to run a number of tests against a developed website or web-application.

Incredibly, creating these tasks is very simple. Either using a recording function where iMacros will watch your actions on a website and repeat them; or a very simple scripting interface.


iMacros is Currently Used by Household Brands

iMacros has been popular since 2001 and is used by some very recognisable brands. Such as:

  • Starbucks.
  • Vauxhall-Opel.
  • Adobe.
  • Lufthansa.
  • Volvo.

In total, more than 6,000 companies worldwide use iMacros to automate simple tasks, which saves them both time and cost.


There is an Active iMacros Community

iMacros was originally created as a freeware project and was acquired and subsequently commercialised by Ipswitch in 2012. Since 2001, iMacros has enjoyed a huge community following, which has continued today with a highly active forum and wiki at https://forum.imacros.net and https://wiki.imacros.net respectively.

There is a significant amount of sample scripts, help and discussion on the internet around the use of iMacros, which any newcomer is likely to find very beneficial.

In fact my own introduction to iMacros was having to create a script for a customer, for the very first time using online instructional material.

Best of all, Ipswitch offer a 30-day free trial for anyone interested in seeing what it can do.

Are you interested in iMacros and how you might be able to use it for automation? Book a call with one of our solution specialists today to discuss further.


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