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4 Reasons Why You Should Have NetConsent On This Year's Budget

Posted: 25 January 2019

There is an cartoon which often pops up on social media and IT circles, which depicts an army armed with bow and arrows, preparing for battle. Trying to get their attention, is a salesman with modern military equipment, although he is being ushered away on the premise the the army is too busy.

This powerful imagine, teaching us not to ignore what we might not have been previously aware of, never seems to lose its relevance.

If we do not listen to those around us, how can we learn anymore than we already know?

When I work with solutions such as NETconsent, that very image comes to mind. Summarised as a diamond in the rough.

Here are four reasons why you should be looking at adding NETconsent to your organisation's network in 2019.


1. It Already Has an Impressive List of Customers

It may have been a little harsh to describe NETconsent as lying in the rough. It is not as obscure or as unknown as that may have inferred.

In fact, NETconsent already has a stellar list of customers who use their solutions, both in the UK and globally. For example, Tottenham Football Club, the London Stock Exchange and Volkswagen.

After nearly 20 years in the industry, NETconsent have developed a strength with compliance and regulation focussed industries. Everything from government frameworks, to ISO 27001 includes some requirement for policy and training delivery, which NETconsent fits perfectly.


2. It Automates Policy Creation, Delivery & Compliance

In my opinion, policy writing is one of the most unrewarding jobs in information security. Policies can take months to write and be approved. Afterwhich, They are buried in a document store somewhere, where they are ignored and possibly forgotten.

Sure, you ticked a box. But can you say yes to the following questions?

  • Have your users read and understood the policy?
  • Have you gathered some form of acceptance of the policy from users?
  • Do your users know where to find your policies?
  • Are your policies relevant or updated regularly?

Certainly in the jobs I have had, none of my previous employers could have answered yes to any of these, confidently.

The premise of NETconsent is very simple. Create policies in a simple to use interface; target users based on role; those users will be presented with those policies to read when configured; reading times, acceptance and understanding are all logged for review.

Policy management doesn't have to be difficult. Take a look at our blog on how to best set up your policy lifecycle here.


3. It is Incredibly Flexible

NETconsent, like a lot of solutions is modularised. It breaks down its functionality into both a la carte features; and packages, which have been designed to the needs of most of their customers.

In addition, there is support for multiple languages, various document file types, integration with MIcrosoft Active Directory and SharePoint.

The list goes on.

The reason why I think this must be highlighted as one of the top four benefits to use of NETconsent, is its understanding that not all organisation networks, users and cultures can be cookie cut into two of three deployments models.

There is an understanding that for some, creation and filing of policies is enough, whereas for others, they need definitive proof that it has been read and understood.


4. Policy Automation is Just the Surface

It was only recently that I had my own eyes open to the additional possible uses NETconsent has. Much of the marketing materials and their website, is focussed on policy automation. However, consider that NETconsent is just a tool for content delivery.

With that in mind, the content expands beyond corporate policy.

It can be used as a method of announcement, questionnaires for feedback from staff, a method gathering feedback from suppliers and even a tool for delivering training.

In my experience as a technical consultant, I often found that the solutions which were best adopted were those which could go beyond their original remit. Those which could expand to solve multiple problems, outside of the one which they were initially used to meet.

NETconsent is one such solution. Something which its existing customers both know and enjoy, today.

Do you have an interest in policy automation or any of the topics covered in this blog?  If you do and  would like to learn more about NETconsent, book a call with one of our solution specialists today.


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Chris Payne

Written by Chris Payne

Managing Director - Advanced Cyber Solutions