Advanced Cyber Solutions Awarded by Ipswitch, Again!

Advanced Cyber Solutions Awarded by Ipswitch, Again!

For the second year running, Advanced Cyber Solutions have been awarded by managed file transfer and network monitoring vendor Ipswitch, for our hard work in 2018.

Retaining partner of the year for Northern Europe award; and adding an award for best Ipswitch MOVEit Cloud partner in EMEA (Europe, MIddle East and Africa) to the awards shelf.


Three Years Trading & Two Years of Awards

"We only been in business for three years and yet for two of those we have been recognised by Ipswitch for our hard work" - Chris Payne, Managing Director of Advanced Cyber Solutions.

"Being awarded in such a short time really validates everything we thought we could achieve and have achieved since founding the company", he added.

Awards 2018

"Advanced Cyber Solutions have dedicated and exceptional amount of energy to the Ipswitch portfolio since the day they signed up. We really couldn't have awarded anyone more deserving and their work is a testament to that" - Sebastian Roques-Shaw, EMEA Sales Director for Ipswitch.


Customer Success in Northern Europe

A founding principle of Advanced Cyber Solutions is that all customers are of paramount importance irrespective of size or spending power. Whether a simple upgrade of a WS_FTP Server or a large scale MOVEit implementation.

Something which has been demonstrated in a number of interactions throughout the seven countries serviced.

In Denmark, public sector and defence software vendor Systematic chose to extend their one year contract for another three after significant work in rolling out MOVEit to their European customers.

"We were able to show Systematic that they could reduce their normal workflows from 3 days to less than a couple of hours with MOVEit" - Chris Payne, Managing Director at Advanced Cyber Solutions.

This has resulted in an insurmountable time saving for Systematic and has encouraged them to find other areas which to embed the solution.

Would you like to read more about Systematic and their successful Ipswitch MOVEit project? Take a look at the case study here.


Expanding to the Cloud

A new category of Ipswitch award this year has included recognition of Advanced Cyber Solutions work with Ipswitch MOVEit Cloud.

Since its release in early 2018, there has been a huge level of interest in MOVEit Cloud. Particularly, from industries and organisations of a size which previously might have found on-premise software too costly to purchase and manage.

"We were pleasantly surprised at how much interest there was from small and medium-sized businesses for MOVEit Cloud. In some part fuelled by the GDPR, we have been working with some fantastically new and agile companies, much like ourselves, to embed managed file transfer into their workflows" - Chris Payne, Managing Director at Advanced Cyber Solutions.


Where to Next?

2019 looks to be an exciting year for Advanced Cyber Solutions. Already starting the year running, we have just added secure credit card payment facilities to the website, for some of the lesser-valued solutions.

"We have found that in the age of inbound marketing, particularly where people are familiar with solution types. There is no desire to want to speak to sales. Instead some people wish to just purchase, get their license key and get on with the project" - Chris Payne, Managing Director at Advanced Cyber Solutions.

"This is a fantastic initiative from Advanced Cyber Solutions; and really shows the level of innovation coming from this leading partner" - Sebastian Roques-Shaw, EMEA Sales Director for Ipswitch.

In addition, Advanced Cyber Solutions are planning to launch a number of managed services in the first half of 2019, which will again target those small to medium organisations who have been traditionally frozen out of such solutions due to cost.

"2019 looks like a fantastic year for us. We are new but we are growing up fast. Watch this space" - Chris Payne, Managing Director at Advanced Cyber Solutions.

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