CSAM Health Maintains High Availability Rates with WhatsUp Gold

CSAM Health Maintains High Availability Rates with WhatsUp Gold

Any environment which has SLAs or minimum levels of availability to achieve can become highly pressured one, in which any incident could possibly drag you closer to a red line which you have been mandated not to cross.

CSAM Health, the leading supplier of niche eHealth solutions to the Nordic market, are one such business who lives this reality on a daily basis. Providing solutions and services to medical and emergency service providers in the Nordics and UK.


Medial and Emergency Services Customers

"We currently have around 150 members of staff and offer solutions for blood management, oncology medication, non-radiology medical imaging, maternity, emergency services, ambulance management and more." - Joakim Olsson, Technical Specialist for Infrastructure at CSAM Health.

The solutions and services we provide are highly depended on and have real world consequences for patients if unavailable, Olsson went onto say.

As a result, CSAM Health guarantee and up-time of at least 99.8% in an industry where twenty-four hour availability is a norm.

"To be able to keep to our strict SLAs and provide a best of-class service to our customers, we need to measure key indicators of health in our infrastructure and applications consistently", said Joakim Olsson.

In order to do this, CSAM Health monitor its application queues over a thousand times a minute using SNMP queries, as well as typical monitoring of resources such as disk space and server processing capacity.

"We have been using WhatsUp Gold for a number of years now; and found that as our services became faster, our aged version of WhatsUp Gold was no longer able to keep up", said Olsson.

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Upgrading to WhatsUp Gold 2018

CSAM Health engaged with Advanced Cyber Solutions, who evaluated the situation and recommended an upgrade to the newer version of WhatsUp Gold.

"There was a considerable leap in capabilities from the older v16.x version of WhatsUp Gold, which CSAM Health were using, in comparison to today's release. We were certain that an upgrade would allow CSAM to not just maintain their high levels of system availability but also explore some of the other innovative features which have been added to WhatsUp Gold, over the years since." - Chris Payne, Managing Director for Advanced Cyber Solutions.

With the assistance of Advanced Cyber Solutions, CSAM Health set out creating a paralleled WhatsUp Gold 2018 edition, which would be used as a comparison. Devices, monitors and dashboards were migrated individually, providing CSAM with an opportunity to prune the solution for anything that was no longer required.

"CSAM Health and Joakim have extensive experience with using WhatsUp Gold and knew what they wanted. We worked with them to create a comparable solution to their previous installation; and then worked through some of the enhancements and features which interest them", said Payne.

"I consider myself a WhatsUp Gold veteran with over ten years of experience, but being able to talk about old and new features with someone like Chris has been very rewarding", commented Olsson.

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The Outcome

After much testing, CSAM Health have approved the use of WhatsUp Gold 2018 and have now decommissioned their older instance.

Customers of CSAM Health continue to enjoy a highly responsive and available service, which CSAM Health rests easily at night knowing that WhatsUp Gold has them covered.

"We have always been very happy with the Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold solution and are really pleased to see Ipswitch is adding new features and enhancements all the time. Like with any new version of software, we had a lot of questions and so far, both Ipswitch and Advanced Cyber Solutions have been very helpful." - Joakim Olsson.

CSAM Health uses Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold for network and system monitoring. If you would like to learn more about Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold, book a call with one of our solution specialists today.