Automated File Transfer Made Simple (No Scripting Required!)

Automated File Transfer Made Simple (No Scripting Required!)

If there is one thing which we take very seriously at Advanced Cyber Solutions, then it is providing our customers with the best possible support and assistance with the solutions they have purchased from us.

One such example of this recently was a query from one of our customers, who automate the file movements between their suppliers and partners and their own internal processing systems. Already a long-term customer of Ipswitch MOVEit Automation, their automated file movement requirements were more than met.


Unexpected File Formatting

A new supplier of theirs posed a challenge by presenting files which were using an alternative format to that which their processing systems expected. Where they would normally expect pipe delimited CSV files and the use of a full stop as a decimal separator for numbers, instead they were provided files with a semicolon and comma respectively.

Expected Input:

This | is | a | test | 1.00
This | is | another | test | 22.00

Actual Input:

This ; is ; a ; test ; 1,00
This ; is ; another ; test ; 22,00

And so the question posed to us was, how could Ipswitch MOVEit Automation be configured to not just move the file, but also manipulate it so that it is converted into a format accepted by their processing systems?

Well...very easily.


Automated Scripting

Ipswitch MOVEit Automation contains a number of predefined scripts, as well as the capability to import custom scripts, for processing files as they are transferred. 

In this particular case, a predefined script called "Find or Replace" can be used to find instances of semicolons and commas and replace those with the pipe and full stop required.

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Ipswitch MOVEit Automation Find and Replace Script

Using two instances of the script, we can find each of those characters and have them replaced by another. The parameters available for this task are as follows:

FindorReplace_Action - Replace or Find. Find will simply count the instances of the found character(s).
FindorReplace_CaseSensitive - Determines whether the replace or find actions are case sensitive.
FindorReplace_Find - The character or characters to be searched for in the file.
FindorReplace_Replace - The character or characters which replace those found in the find parameter.

The result is a task which collects files from a source; places them into a loop; each file is run through the find and replace scripts; and finally the files are placed onto the destination.

Ipswitch MOVEIt Automation Workflow

The Outcome

The outcome is that the supplier can continue to supply files in format which is standard to their output system; and our customer receives those in a format which their processing systems expect. All being held together by Ipswitch Automation, without any human interaction or manipulation of files.

Best of all, not a single custom script has had to be written.

Happy customer, happy supplier...and their business continues its automated operations with little effort.

If you are interested in how Ipswitch MOVEit Automation might be able to help your automated processing systems, you can book a call with one of our product specialists.


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