Monitoring Azure Performance and Billing with WhatsUp Gold

Monitoring Azure Performance and Billing with WhatsUp Gold

In previous versions of WhatsUp Gold you may have noticed the introduction of monitoring support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. Providing you with the ability to monitor virtual devices, applications and even present statistics on your ongoing hosting costs.

In today's world, where every network appears to be in some for of hybridity, extending your monitoring capabilities is surely a must. 

Pair this with Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold offering cloud monitoring as part of their cheapest solution tier; and the question is why wouldn't you?

In this blog, we explore the steps to linking your Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold instance with Microsoft Azure. The fastest growing cloud platform of the top three.

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Create an Azure Application Registration

With Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold being an agentless solution, we need to set up some form of credential for WhatsUp gold to be able to access your Microsoft Azure tenant.

1. Gain access to your Azure portal, normally found at

2. Find the App Registrations menu item. This might be easier to find using the search bar at the top of the Azure portal.

WhatsUp Gold Azure App Registrations

3. Open the Apps Registration console and press the New Application Registration button.

4. Create an application registration with a name which you will recognise, a type of Web App and a false Sign-On URL. We won't be using the sign-on URL but it is a mandatory field.

WhatsUp Gold Azure Create Application Registration

5. Press Create to create the application.

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Assign the Application to a Role

With the application created, we now must assign it permissions to access the various virtual machines and other resources you host in Microsoft Azure.

1. Back in the main Azure portal, select the subscriptions service. Once again it might be easier to use the search function.

2. Select your particular subscription. In our case it was a pay-as-you-go instance, however you might have a monthly subscription.

3. From the menu which appears after selecting your subscription, select IAM and press the Add button.

WhatsUp Gold Azure Create a Subscription Permission

4. Select the options as per the below screenshot. The field labelled Select relates to the name you gave the application in step 4 part 1. It is not a drop-down menu and you will need to start to type out the name of the application before it appears.

WhatsUp Gold Azure Create a Subscription Permission 2

5. Press the Save button to assign the selected permissions to the application.


Get the Tenant ID and Application ID

With the application created and permissions assigned, we now need to collect the tenant ID and application ID, which Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold will use to access the application we created.

1. Open the Azure Active Directory service from the main Azure portal.

2. Select Properties from the menu on the left.

3. Listed as a Directory ID is the Tenant ID used by Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold as a credential for access Microsoft Azure. Make a note of this value or copy it directly into the credential creation menu of WhatsUp Gold.

WhatsUp Gold Azure Tenant ID

4. Return to the Application Registration service via the Azure portal.

5. Select the application we created in part 1.

6. Listed under Application ID is the application ID which is required by Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold to access Microsoft Azure. Either make a note of this or add it directly to the Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold console.

WhatsUp Gold Azure Application ID

If you would like to see a demonstration of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold, book a short call with one of our consultants today.


Get the Application Key

The final step for access the Microsoft Azure tenant is to set an application key or password for your created application.

1. While still in the Applications Registration service from the previous step, select settings.

WhatsUp Gold Azure Application Registration Settings

2. Under Description, enter something meaningful such as "Ipswitch WUG Key"; and select a expiration period of your choice.

3. Press the save button to generate a password.

WhatsUp Gold Azure Create a Key

4. This is the final item required for performance monitoring of Microsoft Azure and is ready to be entered into your Microsoft Azure credential in Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold.

All that is left is a discovery of Microsoft Azure devices using the created credential.

WhatsUp Gold Azure Credentials

To add billing reporting, you will need to collect a enrollment number and API access key. Both of which will be covered in part 2. 

Read Part 2 to Add Billing Monitoring and for Creating Azure Performance Reports In WhatsUp Gold



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