An Introduction to Primeur Data One

An Introduction to Primeur Data One

Today is a very special day for us as we are pleased to announce and introduce our latest vendor signing with Italian data data transformation, integration and transfer supremoes, Primeur. A vendor whom it is fair to say is not the most well-known of industry names, but counts many of the Fortune 500 as their customers, to make up for it.

Examples include:

  • Telefonica.
  • Aviva.
  • BNP Paribas.

With over 30 years' experience, they list their primary goal as helping companies make data integration simple, accessible, secure and sustainable over time.

So who are Primeur and what do they have to offer?


What is Primeur Data One?

Primeur's flagship solution, Data One is a modular, flexible and hybrid platform able to transfer and transform data between source and destination both quickly and securely.

Data One is modularised and scalable, comprising of three possible components:

  • Data Mover.
  • Data Shaper.
  • Data Watcher.

All of which can be installed separately, in multiple copies, on different platforms and in different network locations, depending on the size of the organisation and the quantities of data it aims to process.

Contract Oriented Architecture & Event Management

The Data One jewel in the crown is Primeur's unique methodology of Contract Oriented Architecture (COA), which is a culmination of their 30 years of data integration and transformation expertise.

Conceptually, COA organises all integration data flows into three main steps: data input, mediation and data output. Each of these steps contains a contract which defines rules, policies and constraints for that step.

This is better illustrated in the diagram below:

Data Mover Contract Oriented Architecture

Whereas most other data transfer solutions treat the data flow as a singular definition, the modularisation of Data One allows for much more flexibility at each stage of the data flow; and permits the re-use of contract steps for other data flows, thus speeding up the building of future data flows and maintaining a cleaner solution with less duplication.

Underpinning the intuitive COA is the Event Manager, which is responsible for executing each stage of the data flow. Reacting to manual, schedules, REST API and even AWS Lambda events, the Event Manager provides asynchronous control over the execution of a data flow which is unseen in other solutions.

For example, a file source may provide files in parts over the course of a day before the total number of files is sent to the destination in one batch. With the obvious benefit being greater efficiency.


What is Primeur Data Mover?

Within the Data One solution, exists a number of modules which define the behaviour and usage of the Data One solution:

  • Data Mover.
  • Data Shaper.
  • Data Watcher.

Data Mover takes care of the managed file transfer operations within Data One. In fact, the illustration above demonstrates how the COA makes use of an upload facility; various processing components, such as antivirus scanning; and a mechanism for delivery - all of which are components of Data Mover.

In a sentence, the Data Mover solution contains the elements which you would most commonly associate with a Managed File Transfer solution. With the addition of being able to integrate with existing IBM Sterling Connect:Direct and Axway Amplify connections.


What is Primeur Data Shaper?

Second on the list of modules available for Data One is the Data Shaper.

As is the case in some Managed File Transfer solutions; and almost certainly in all Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution - input data formats are to be converted into something consumable on the destination. For example:

  • Changing the data type of a file.
  • Reformatting the content of the file to meet a specified criteria.

In all the cases above, Data Shaper is Data One component which will be in play. Yet more importantly, unlike many other solutions of the same nature; should you not need such capabilities, you simply do not need to purchase it. Saving you unnecessary cost.


What is Primeur Data Watcher?

The final module is the Data Watcher, which acts as a real-time reporting, analytics and modelling platform for all things data transfer and integration.

  • Visualise data flows with mapping and real-time monitoring.
  • Model prospective workflows using the Data Watcher drag-and-drop modelling tool.
  • Create policies and SLAs for alerting when data transfers are missed or late.
  • Classify data and data workflows using business tags for cataloguing.
  • Interrogate retrospective data flows for particular transferred files; sources; destinations; classifications; transfer protocols and timestamps.

Primeur Data Watcher InterrogatorOur favourite feature in this list the ability to create reactive polices and alerts which can be actioned should a defined data flow fail to reach a SLA. Most similar solutions will send alerts of a data flow fails - or even succeeds - but few have the capability to alert when for example, a file arrives an hour later than expected.

We think this feature alone is a compelling example of how Data Watcher could free up any human resources which are tied up monitoring data flows.


Learn More About Primeur Data One

Did we do a good job of convincing you that Primeur Data One could be a fit for your data transfer and integration needs? If so, you can discover more on our dedicated Primeur Data One web page; or, we would be more than happy to show you a live demonstration of the solution.

To book a call with our solutions specialists, just click here.

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