Ipswitch MOVEit Crushes GoAnyWhere MFT (4 Reasons Why)

Ipswitch MOVEit Crushes GoAnyWhere MFT (4 Reasons Why)

You are probably reading this article for one of two reasons, you are in the market for a managed file transfer solution and have come across either/both Ipswitch MOVEit or GoAnyWhere MFT; or you have worked with them before and are curious about the differences.

Did I get that right?

In either case, Ipswitch MOVEit and GoAnywhere MFT have without a doubt become the top two industry leaders in this space, battling it out for the top spot.

Both offer award-winning managed file transfer services with reporting, automation, cloud capabilities and more..

....but which one deserves the crown?

Well, we think it is Ipswitch MOVEit and here are 4 reasons why.

Note. the information compiled in this blog were ascertained from market research conducted in July 2018. While we have tried to ensure that the information contained is correct, it is possible there could be some omissions, which we will correct when made aware of them.


1. Truly Global Technical Support

When things go wrong, particularly when they affect normal business operations, you need and want assistance quickly.

We have all been there.

Due to its comparative size, GoAnyWhere only offer business-critical technical support capabilities from their Nebraska office in the US, during their local office hours.

This could leave you in a sticky situation on an early morning in Europe.

You could contact one of GoAnyWheres regional partners, who are undoubtedly knowledgeable. However, what happens if they cannot resolve it? Will they also be left waiting for sunrise in the Midwest?

By comparison, Ipswitch have 42,000 customers worldwide. Which has resulted in a sales and technical support presence in all of its four major regions.

All offering office hour and 24-hour technical support.

MOVEit Support Offices


2. MOVEit has Moved to the Cloud

Embracing both todays and the emerging trends in the market, helps to keep solution relevant in the modern IT network.

There is no better example of this than cloud adoption.

Through a Strategic Alliance Partnership with Microsoft, Ipswitch MOVEit is now available through their Azure data centres as either an IaaS or SaaS solution.

Even better, there is a European flavour for the compliance minded.

GoAnyWhere offers connectors into cloud storage repositories such as Azure blobs, AWS S3 and Google Drive. Yet has no solution SaaS or cloud hosted option.

When choosing a managed file transfer solution, consider the long term viability of the solution even if today is one based on an in-house hosted solution.

Are you interested in managed file transfer in the cloud? Take a look at our 5 reasons to consider to managed file transfer in the cloud guide.


3. Logging is Tamper-Evident and Easy to Use

When I speak with customers looking for a managed file transfer solution. Time and time again I am am told that high security and auditability are two of the key required components.

While the need for managed file transfer is apparent, IT managers and CISOs want to ensure that they have some level of risk assurance, both for confidentiality and the ability to review what has taken place.

Anecdotal evidence from the market has shown us that although GoAnyWhere does have logging and reporting capabilities, as you would expect, it is by no means easy to use. In fact, we have unverified information that in some cases, customers have to contact technical support to assist with creating a report.

Ipswitch MOVEit has worked hard to ensure that its user interface and feature set is easy to navigate.

Logging is a simple table view with selectable filters. Logs can be automatically exported to syslog servers or the Windows Event Log for third-party analysis; and there is even a separate analytics applications which can be used to generate in-depth reports.

MOVEit Analytics Logging and Reporting

On-top of ease of use, MOVEit uses a tamper-evident database for storing its audit logs. Each line in the database is hashed and sequenced numbered meaning that any change will be subject to scrutiny by the system.

There is a good reason why MOVEit is popular with the security conscious.

Take a look at our definitive guide to Securely Sharing Documents and Files in a Privacy Oriented World.


4. Free Multi-Factor Authentication Included

Following years of fighting with network users to select secure passwords, even NIST have given up.

The latest recommendations are to no longer force the selection of strong passwords but to instead use multi-factor authentication. Something which I am sure you are already familiar with through use of such solutions in internet banking, among other services.

In addition to this, PCI DSS 3.2.1 now requires all non-console access in the CDE (Card Data Environment) to require multi-factor authentication.

As a results of both of these reasons, Ipswitch MOVEit 2018 includes free multi-factor authentication built into the solution. No need for a third-party solution to handle the authentication aspect, as is the case with GoAnywhere.

MFA for Ipswitch MOVEit Transfer

Without a third-party, your overall costs are lower and your support requirements less complex, should something go wrong.

Are you interested in learning more about managed file transfer? Book a call and speak to one of our solution specialists today.


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