Ipswitch Releases Crowd-Pleasing WhatsUp Gold 2019 Update

Ipswitch Releases Crowd-Pleasing WhatsUp Gold 2019 Update

At least twice a year, we run an update webinar showcasing the latest release of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold, to our customers, prospects and the curious alike. With Spring rapidly approaching (we hope), that time is upon us again with the release of WhatsUp Gold 2019.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold has been going from strength to strength since its reinvention in 2017; and given the feedback from our webinar viewers, this version is not going to disappoint.

Here is a sample of what is new in the 2019 edition. For a full list of all new features, bug fixes and other information, make sure to take a look at the releases notes over at https://docs.ipswitch.com.


Revised Application Profile Monitoring Interface

You would be forgiven for thinking that the application profile monitoring module in WhatsUp Gold was created by a different team or absorbed into the solution as part of an acquisition.

It always looked a little different from the rest of the administration console.

As one of Ipswitch's most requested enhancements, the application profile monitoring interface has now been re-worked to better fit into the wider console.

Application Monitoring WhatsUp Gold

For those who already use the application monitoring module, the module itself retains its same functionality, being able to test various components of an application for an overall indication of health, albeit with some elements being moved around.


WhatsUp Gold Live Activity Monitor

One of the most common items of feedback from the Ipswitch user community is that there is a sense of blindness for WhatsUp Gold Administrators when buttons are pressed in the administration console.

It is assumed that polling is happening as instructed and that when buttons are pressed but what is happening between instruction and result?

Live Monitoring WhatsUp Gold 2019

To counter this, Ipswitch have added the live monitor view, which provides updates on a bar at the bottom of the screen related to the applications activity.

This bar is can be clicked to open a report which provides further detail and filtering capabilities.

Live Activity Report WhatsUp Gold 2019

Versions prior to 2019 has a significant blind spot in the monitoring of the WhatsUp Gold solution itself, making this a very welcomed addition to the solution.


More Options for Custom Maps

If you are new to WhatsUp Gold, there are two types of network map available for WhatsUp Gold users.

  • An automatically generated map which places network devices, servers and other devices in a logical order based on their connections to other devices in the network.
  • A customisable map which builds on the auto-generated map by allowing the movement of device icons, annotations and image overlays.

In WhatsUp Gold 2019, a greater level of customisation has been added to the custom maps, so that WhatsUp Gold administrators can enjoy a view which they prefer.

Custom Maps WhatsUp Gold

Added options include:

  • Snap to grid.
  • Display or hiding of the background grid
  • Displaying device names in uppercase characters.

Suspicious Traffic Report

Building on from previous Network Traffic Analysis additions. The module now accepts known bad hosts feeds which in turn can be used to flag suspicious activity.

WhatsUp Gold has long been a network monitoring tool, only really broaching the security sphere from the perspective of availability.

This marks not the beginning of a new focus but one which has been building since the 2018 edition, when the ability to detect traffic originating or being sent to the dark web was added.


Configuration Management Archive

Continuing the theme of enhancements to additional modules, the configuration management module has also seen some enhancement.

For those who are not familiar with it, the configuration management module provides a number of interactable features with network devices. Such as being able to store multiple copies of the running configuration file over a period of time, for comparison.

Configuration Reporing Archive WhatsUp Gold

In previous versions, only configurations from the same device could be compared using the device properties menu. Now there is a configuration archive where all backed-up configuration files can be viewed and compared in a pool.


Enhanced HTTP Monitor

To roll things up nicely, the HTTP monitor has had a bit of an upgrade in 2019.

In previous versions of WhatsUp Gold, the HTTP monitor could have been accused of being a little unintelligent. Pretty much just a probe.

HTTP Monitor WhatsUp Gold 2019

In 2019, some intelligence has been added to this by allow authentication. In effect, WhatsUp Gold can now test the authentication process as well as the response code from a URL.


Further Information

As well as the new features and enhancements listed in this blog post, there are other lesser changes and bug fixes which are applied in the 2019 edition.

If you would like to read more about the latest WhatsUp Gold release, you can find the full release notes here: https://docs.ipswitch.com/NM/WhatsUpGold2019/01_ReleaseNotes/index.htm

Are you a user of WhatsUp Gold and want to learn more about the 2019 edition? Maybe you are interested in a network monitoring solution and would like to see more of what can be achieved with WhatsUp Gold. In either case, you can book a call with one of our solution specialists here.