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Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold SP3 is Christmas Come Early

Posted: 7 November 2018

They say that good things come in small packages; and in the case of the widely popular Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold network monitoring and incident response solution, the release of service pack 3 proves this to be true.

Building on what is already an awe-inspiring solution, Ipswitch have really rolled out the feature red-carpet in the final months of 2018.

Interested? Why wouldn't you be.

Here is our low-down of the top changes.


Improved Application Monitoring

The application monitoring feature has always been a great addition to the WhatsUp Gold family. Yet, has always seemed a little separate in aspects such as reporting and the network map.

In SP3 this has all changed.

The network map now includes a dedicated application monitoring overlay which will play indicators next to devices on which applications are being monitors. Those indicators will display the health of those application monitors as separate to the device itself.

Application Monitoring Overlay Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

In addition, the device properties screen now includes a section specifically for application monitoring, giving access to immediate polling, application maintenance mode and a display of application health.

Device Properties Application Monitoring Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold


Network Traffic Analysis Quick Glance

In a similar spirit to the attention application monitoring has received. Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), our deep packet analysis feature for NetFlow, sFlow and J-Flow. now has a quick glance view on the device information card.

Device Information NTA Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

This brings better clarity to the information presented in the interface utlisation overlay, found on the network map.

The information displayed includes a hyperlink, linking the user to the NTA reports console for further analysis.

Want to learn more about network monitoring solutions? Take a look at our definitive guide to network monitoring and incident response


New Mini Status Report

SP2 saw the release of the status report for devices, whereby a total of all devices in each state could be displayed on-screen along with a colour.

SP3 capitalises on this idea by introducing the mini-status report.

Mini-Status Report Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

This provides a quick glance view of how many monitors per device are down, up or in maintenance mode; and which proportion those monitors are of the total number of monitors, for that device.


Extended Monitor Application for Interfaces

For those who use Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold's roles feature. SP3 includes greater definition on when to apply an interface application monitor.

Monitor Roles Assignment Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

Options include whether the interface is operationally up/down, the type of interface it is, its port number as assigned in the network device and speed.

Greater definition can be provided by an advanced filtering option, used to look for other indicators of choice.


Integration with OpsGenie

Version 2018 of WhatsUp Gold promised greater integration possibilities; and Ipswitch seem to have stuck to their word.

In SP1 we saw the introduction of IFTTT, whereby we could interact with the world of IoT to create some truly inspiring outcomes from our actions.

SP2 gave us the integration with ServiceNow. Arguably the world's most popular IT management solution. Finally, SP3 includes an integration with OpsGenie, an incident response solution used by more than 3000 customers globally.

OpsGenie Integration Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

Upgrading to Service Pack 3

If you are an existing customer of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold and still have an active support and maintenance contract. The good news is that you are entitled to upgrade free of charge.

The service pack can be downloaded from your community site and then applied over the top of the existing version. I did this myself today and it took all of 30-minutes to complete.

For those who may want some assistance, Advanced Cyber Solutions are certified for Ipswitch professional services and could lend a hand.

To speak with one of our product specialists, you can book a call by clicking here.


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Chris Payne

Written by Chris Payne

Managing Director - Advanced Cyber Solutions