MOVEit 2019 Becomes Faster & More Flexible with SP1 Release

MOVEit 2019 Becomes Faster & More Flexible with SP1 Release

As with previous versions of Ipswitch MOVEit solutions, we pride ourselves on being the first partner in the EMEA region to bring you the latest information about any new releases. This time is no exception.

Since the release of MOVEit Transfer and Automation 2019 in March, which added support for Azure Blob storage, among other things. Anticipation to see how Ipswitch can build on the success of the 2019 edition, has been high.

From today, the embargo has been lifted and we can finally reveal what is new in MOVEit 2019 SP1.


Support for Windows Server 2019 & MySQL v8

Included in the new service pack is support for installing MOVEit onto Windows Server 2019, Microsoft's latest server operating system release.

Over the past few months we have noticed more and more of our customers using Windows Server 2019 images, especially in cloud-hosted virtual machines; and are now pleased that MOVEit is supported in these environments.

In addition, support has been added for MySQL v8, on-top of the existing support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2016 and 2017.

As certified providers of Ipswitch services & awarded partner of the year for Northern Europe two-years running, we can provide assistance in moving your MOVEit solutions to a new physical/virtual server and/or operating system - Book a call today to discuss.


Native Azure Blob Encryption

In the 2019 edition, support for Microsoft Blob as a storage medium for MOVEit Transfer was added. From our own observations, this has been quite popular, with at least a handful of customers utilising this option immediately.

As Microsoft Blob storage has native encryption capabilities & MOVEit Transfer encrypts all files at rest using FIPS 140-2 validated AES 265-bit encryption. This led to a double-encrypted file store.

MOVEit Transfer Blob Storage Encryption

SP1 provides an option at install to opt-out of MOVEit Transfers encryption when using Microsoft Blob storage - instead relying on just Microsoft encryption. This should increase the speed of file access and make the upload and download of files from MOVEit Transfer quicker, as a result.


Update Groups and Permissions Console

What was previously known as task groups has been improved and renamed resource groups in MOVEit Automation 2019 SP1.

In earlier versions, non-administrative users who were members of a group with "MOVEit-Users-" prepending the group name could sign in to MOVEit Automation. Non-administrative users must now be members of a user group that is specifically linked to a Resource Group to sign in to MOVEit Automation.

MOVEit Automaton Resource Groups

Establishing permissions for User Groups within Resource Groups enables you to control user access to resources. Resources are grouped to create Resource Groups. User Groups are added to Resource Groups, with permissions applied to User Groups to provide access to the resources.


Multi-Server Access

In previous versions, one MOVEit Automation web admin console could be configured to access multiple MOVEit Automation servers from the login prompt.

In SP1 web admin users with two or more configured Web Admin servers with the same credentials can use multi-server access post logon. Making it much easier to navigate between servers in the web admin console.

MOVEit Automation Multi-Server Access


New REST API Resources

Both MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation have added additional resources to their REST API, just as they have in previous releases.

MOVEIt Transfer:

  • Content management & manage user access permissions for folders.
  • Mailbox management.
  • Package management.
  • One-time password / multi-factor authentication management.
  • Add user to a group.

MOVEIt Automation:

  • List a resource group.
  • List or get resource group ACLs.
  • Add, delete or update an existing ACL.
  • List or get a user group.

Other Notable Updates

In this blog we have stuck to writing about the updates that we think are most interesting to the customers we work with. Below are some of the other updates which are included in the SP1 release.

MOVEit Transfer:

  • Now leverages the benefits of 64bit systems and all the performance optimizations of leveraged libraries that expect 64bit. Utilities have also been converted to 64 bit.
  • Refinements to GroupAdmin Role Permissions.
  • JQuery and Java versions updated.
  • InfoZip has been depreciated in favour of 7zip.
  • Updated Azure Marketplace image.

MOVEit Automation:

  • Users can now specify a page to default to when logging into MOVEit Automation web admin console.
  • InfoZip has been depreciated in favour of 7zip.
  • The loading time for dashboard widgets was improved.
  • Task logs are deleted as tasks are deleted.
  • The dashboard polling has been increased.

Full release notes can be found below:

MOVEit Transfer:

MOVEit Automation:

As certified providers of Ipswitch services & awarded partner of the year for Northern Europe two-years running, we can provide assistance with upgrading your MOVEit solutions to 2019 SP1 - Book a call today to discuss.


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