MOVEit 2020 with New Gateway and Mobile Modules

MOVEit 2020 with New Gateway and Mobile Modules

It has been quite a long wait since the last release of MOVEit in 2019 - six months to be exact. We can only speculate that there has been some integration to do between Progress and Ipswitch, since the acquisition last year which may have delayed things.

Yet despite the wait, Progress have not disappointed. The 2020 edition of MOVEit, released on the 11th of May 2020, packs a punch with a host of new features and an overhaul of the Gateway and Mobile modules.

Quite frankly, just a new version of MOVEit Gateway has gotten us excited.

So what's new?


New MOVEit Gateway Tunnel


We have been waiting for this for what seems like forever. It is fair to say that previous editions of MOVEit Gateway were sometimes problematic to work with. Reliant on Microsoft's RRAS solution to build a secure SSTP tunnel between MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Gateway meant that the solution was susceptible to a whole host of interfering factors. Such as strict GPO restricting SSL certificates and connecting parameters, amongst other things.

The new version promises to remove these issues with the MOVEit software handling the tunnel creation and maintenance via a new tab in the MOVEit Configuration Utility.

MOVEit 2020 Gateway

In addition to this, you will notice that Gateway is now configurable from the MOVEit Configuration Utility - allowing for the setting of a hostname, custom port numbers for SFTP and key management.

Note. To use MOVEit Gateway 2020, you must upgrade to MOVEit Transfer 2020 first.


Security Markings / Classification for Ad-Hoc Packages


Administrators will now have the ability to create and enable a set of security markings or classification tags for ad-hoc packages.

Markings are free-text input values, meaning they can be anything which the administrator defines; and can have translated made available in-line with the supported languages in MOVEit - English, German, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional) and Japanese.

MOVEit 2020 Security MarkingsThe selected security marking will then be placed at the top of the recipient package, indicating a level a level of handling care.


Revised MOVEit Mobile Module


If you are not currently licensed for MOVEit Mobile, do not skip this section!

MOVEit Mobile as a separately installed solution and licensable module (v1.4) will be retired as of the 11th of June 2020; and will be incorporated into the MOVEit Transfer software. Meaning that all base licenses of MOVEit Transfer, will include the mobile capabilities at no additional charge.

This coincides with a new mobile app (v2.0) which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores.

Note. The new MOVEit mobile app is backward compatible with MOVEit Transfer 2019.2 (SP2).


Download Multiple Files as a ZIP


Multiple selected files in MOVEit Transfer can now be downloaded in a zip archive package, with the added ability to verify the integrity of those files post-download.

MOVEit 2020 Download as Zip

This has been an important requirement for a number of our customers who wish to download multiple uploads from customers and store them in a cumulative package, such as a daily or weekly zip.


Azure Blobs as a Host Type


Certainly on our wish list for some time now is the addition of Azure Blob as a default host type in MOVEit Automation.

MOVEit 2020 Azure Blob

This has of course been possible in MOVEit Automation using the scripting interface for some time, as are other connections not available as default connectors. However, its addition to the interface is going to make configuration much easier for our customers.


Customisable Encryption Algorithms per SFTP Host


In previous versions of MOVEit Automation, you could select which SFTP encryption algorithms were permitted. However, this list was applied to all possible SFTP connections made by the instance.

In the 2020 release this list is now customisable for each SFTP host created. For example, you may as a rule support the use of AES-128, but have a customer working in the defence industry which insists on AES-256. This can now be configured on an individual host basis and therefore the choices of one customer not affecting another.

MOVEit 2020 SFTP Encryption


Other Updates


As will all MOVEit software releases, there are a number of smaller updates to the solution which we have omitted from this blog. Should you wish to review these additions, you can do so via the official release notes.

MOVEit Transfer:

MOVEit Automation:


How to Upgrade?


Depending on the version you are upgrading from, the process for upgrading can be as simple as installing the 2020 release over the top of your existing instance. However, for older environments or more complex setups, we recommend requesting assistance from our Professional Services team.

We have twelve years of technical experience working with MOVEit solutions and have been a part of countless installs and upgrades. Should you wish to discuss your upgrade further, you can book a call by clicking here.



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