New Real-Time Dashboard Added to Ipswitch MOVEit Managed File Transfer

New Real-Time Dashboard Added to Ipswitch MOVEit Managed File Transfer

As the closing months of the year get into full swing, the final service pack for Ipswitch MOVEit 2018 has been released to great fanfare. With new features for both the popular MOVEit Transfer and Automation, sibling solutions.

So, what goodies are available in this release?

Let us find out.


New Data Transfer Dashboard

The jewel in the crown for MOVEit 2018 Sp2 are its new dashboards, which in the case of MOVEit Transfer, show a real-time status of any in-action file transfers; and a summarisation of the outcome of any recently completed file transfers.

On the wish list of many for some time, the real-time view will provide visibility where once there was no option but to view the resultant log at the end of the transfer.

Ipswitch MOVEit Transfer Live View

MOVEit Automation also gains a new dashboard, albeit more of a summarised version. Displaying a cumulative count of failed and succeed tasks, along with notifications for any expired or soon to expire SSL certs, SSH keys and PGP keys.

MOVEit Automation Dashboard

With the previous lack of reporting available in MOVEit Automation, the new dashboard is a highly welcomed addition.


Sign-On Security Statement

The MOVEit solutions have always had a heavy focus on data security standards and compliance, in particular ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS. With this in mind, MOVEit Transfer now includes the capability to present a security statement at sign-on; and ask the user to accept before proceeding.

Security Notice Ipswitch MOVEit Transfer

The security notice, the content of the declaration and whom it should be applied to are all customisable in the administration console. With the result of the prompt being logged for later review.

Take a look at our definitive guide to Securely Sharing Documents and Files in a Privacy Oriented World.


Support for SQL Azure

Further capitalising on Ipswitch's strategic alliance with Microsoft and the availability of MOVEit Transfer in Microsoft Azure, the MOVEit Transfer solution now supports Microsoft Azure SQL as a storage database.

Following on from support for Microsoft Azure virtualisation and authentication via Azure AD, we expect this to continue; and be extended to the the MOVEit Automation solution in due course.


Other Updates

Ipswitch MOVEit Transfer 2018 SP2:

  • Status API. The MOVEit Transfer REST API status endpoint provides new capabilities for tracking package and file transfer status such as those showcased in Live View.
  • Org Info API. The MOVEit Transfer REST API provides a new info endpoint which returns a table of org information.
  • Admins can use Secure Folder Sharing like a Regular User. New file permission controls added for Group Admins that want to share folders with TempUsers.
  • ODBC driver updated. If deployed to use MySQL, MOVEit Transfer now uses the latest ODBC drivers. The upgraded drivers are recommended by MySQL.
  • Feature and security enhancements. Improvements to Secure Folder Sharing, localization and usability improvements, and proactive security-related fixes.
  • Deprecated Java Wizard. Java Wizard for uploading/downloading files was deprecated and removed. Users can use in-app JavaScript Wizard (drag and drop), ActiveX Wizard or any of the MOVEit Transfer Clients or MOVEit Transfer APIs instead.

Ipswitch MOVEit Automation 2018 SP2:

  • New Inbound REST calls to MOVEit Automation API. The following APIs were added to MOVEit Automation 2018 SP2:
    • Standard Scripts - List all standard scripts or get a specified custom script.
    • SSL Certs - List all SSL Certs or get a specific SSL Cert. 
  • UI Session Timeout. The UI session timeout, previously controlled by the web.xml file, is now controlled by security.auth.refreshTokenExpiresInMinutes in the file.
  •  Apache Tomcat 64-bit. MOVEit Automation 2018 SP2 Web Admin uses Apache Tomcat 64-bit rather than Apache Tomcat 32-bit.
  • Hosts filtering. Enhanced hosts filtering allows you to filter hosts to list all hosts, used hosts, or hosts that are not used.
  • DidiSoft.PGP.dll. The DidiSoft.PGP.dll version was updated from (SP1) to to improve how UTF-8 for User ID and Passwords is handled. MOVEit Automation now supports Unicode usernames and passwords for PGP keys.
  • MySQL ODBC. The MySQL ODBC driver was updated to version 8.

Upgrading to Service Pack 2

If you are an existing customer of Ipswitch MOVEit and still have an active support and maintenance contract. The good news is that you are entitled to upgrade free of charge.

The service pack can be downloaded from your community site and then applied over the top of the existing version. I did this myself today and it took all of 30-minutes to complete.

For those who may want some assistance, Advanced Cyber Solutions are certified for Ipswitch professional services and could lend a hand.

To speak with one of our product specialists, you can book a call by clicking here.


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