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PRTG Lacks Significant Features Against Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold
20 September 2018
In this blog, we wanted to take a look at two industry rivals in the network monitoring space. German engineering at its best from Paessler, in the forms of PRTG; and the universally famous Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold....
3 Must-Have Security Solutions for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud
19 September 2018
Cloud adoption is a topic which we have published a number of blogs on; and have daily conversations about. The benefits of the cloud are well documented, from lower operational costs to better rates of availability....
Ipswitch MOVEit Crushes GoAnyWhere MFT (4 Reasons Why)
18 September 2018
You are probably reading this article for one of two reasons, you are in the market for a managed file transfer solution and have come across either/both Ipswitch MOVEit or GoAnyWhere MFT; or you have worked with them before and are curious about the differences....
How to Simplify the GDPR (5 Incredible DPOrganizer Features)
3 September 2018
There is no shortage of information about the GDPR out there, from the six core principles to data subjects rights to the lawful basis for processing, there is a dizzy number of changes an organisation may need to implement....
How to Achieve SWIFT CSP Mandatory Controls with Time to Spare
1 September 2018
Have you ever met an IT manager, administrator, CISO or compliance officer who had a lot of time on their hands? No, me neither. If they exist, then they are certainly a rare breed!...
Automate File Transfers Like an Expert with PowerShell & Google Cloud
30 August 2018
Today, if you are not embracing the cloud then it would seem you are in a steadily declining minority. Cloud is the buzz term that refuses to die; and so instead we find ourselves in an age of migration toward the cloud or in a state of hybrid network, where the boundaries between cloud and hosted services are blurred....
Service Pack 2 Makes WhatsUp Gold 2018 the Best Version Yet
27 August 2018
The past three months seem to have been a summer which just keeps giving. After deliciously warm weather throughout July and August for almost everyone in the northern hemisphere, we now are given the second service pack for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2018, which promises to be packed full of goodies and features....
What is a ServiceNow Closed-Loop Change Management Process?
21 August 2018
If you or your organisation uses the very popular ServiceNow solution for change management, how do you accurately ensure that intended changes were delivered as requested and approved? Do you assume changes have been made successfully and correctly, if there was no post-change feedback, whether it be negative or not?...
System Hardening & CIS Benchmarks for AWS Cloud Hosted Devices
20 August 2018
How many of you use AWS or another cloud hosting provider such as Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud? The question is of course rhetorical due to the limited medium that is the blog, but in any case my experience tells me that a vast majority of readers do....
Comparing Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds NPM
17 August 2018
In this blog, we compare network monitoring solutions Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds NPM....
5 Reasons Why You Should be Investing in Automated System Hardening
16 August 2018
I have no doubt that like most readers, system administrators, heads of IT and CISOs, that you probably have an unending list of desired solutions and tools which you would like to deploy in your networks. Writing business cases and securing the budget for everything would be in reality, impossible; and so instead, prioritisation based on need is a critical factor in deciding what to invest in....
6 Essential Things to Know about CIS Benchmarks
14 August 2018
The old adage says that you should not attempt to reinvent the wheel, as it is both a waste of time and has been perfected already. Instead, it is common accepted that wherever there is an existing standard, one should use that....
3 Network Monitoring Fails Worth Avoiding
3 August 2018
Nobody is happy when the company network and systems are slow. Long wait times caused by slow applications and network speeds drain productivity throughout your organisation. As time goes on without a fix, users will start to lose their patience and faith....
A Guide to Writing an RFP for Selecting and Evaluating an IT Solution
2 August 2018
In this blog, we share some tips on how to construct an RFP (Request for Proposal). It will list the major things to consider when compiling your RFP and provide guidelines on a typical RFP lifecycle....
6 Reasons to Monitor Netflow with Network Traffic Analysis
31 July 2018
One of the most useful things to have in your network monitoring toolkit is Network Traffic Analysis. It collects and processes network flow data, commonly available through features such as Cisco’s NetFlow as well as other network device manufacturers....
5 Things You Didn't Know About Network Monitoring Solutions
27 July 2018
Network monitoring solutions and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) have been around for over twenty years; and has become a staple of many a network. With age comes a scepticism about how innovative such solutions can be; and whether or not they are commoditised, with literally hundreds of vendors offering such tools....
Using IFTTT to Monitor Servers and Network Devices
26 July 2018
Being a bit of a technology philistine at home, I was only recently enlightened to the joys of IFTTT technology and how it is powering home automation and other integrations. I have to admit, as much as I prefer to leave IT to my day job, I was intrigued at the possibilities it could open up; and even more so, how this could benefit organisations....
5 GDPR Modules Added to Innovative Training Solution OutThink
26 July 2018
In bringing your workforce up to speed to ensure compliance with GDPR, you’ll require top quality information security and data privacy training content. The OutThink learning material is developed by industry experts working alongside education professionals, human-computer interaction specialists, psychologists, as well as behavioural change and communication experts....
What is Netflow and Why Do Network Admins Swear By It?
24 July 2018
The level or knowledge or even awareness of netflow is a mixed bag, in my experiences speaking with IT managers and network engineers. Those who have attended accredited courses for network equipment or those networking veterans will be very familiar with the technology. For others, it is a new and exciting technology which can reveal a vast wealth of insight into network traffic....
Extending Network Monitoring to AWS and Azure
21 July 2018
These days it seems that it is almost impossible to find an organisation who is not either using cloud infrastructure services, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure, or at least experimenting with them. The benefits are attractive, lower operating costs, better resilience and rapid deployment times are just a few....
What is SNMP and is it Secure?
20 July 2018
Whether it be SNMP traps or community strings, there is a very good chance you have heard of this veteran network monitoring protocol at some point in your career. With well over twenty years of existence, the simple network monitoring protocol has provided us with just that, basic insight into the health of network devices, servers and software....
10 Reasons why Network Monitoring Software is a Must Have
18 July 2018
Network monitoring software and solutions are nothing new, starting their humble beginnings with SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) in the 1980s. Since then things have progressed to include easier to use protocols for monitoring such as WMI and syslog; as well as SNMP being upgraded to include authentication in version 3....
How to Automate File Transfers and Ditch the Scripts
16 July 2018
After eight years of working with managed file transfer solutions (MFT), there is one use case which pops up time and time again....
Tripwire Enterprise and NNT Change Tracker (Who Would Win in a Fight?)
13 July 2018
When it comes to FIM (File Integrity Monitoring) and secure configuration management. there are two main solution vendors worth considering. Tripwire Enterprise and NNT Change Tracker. Both have impressive existing customer rosters and reputations; are multi-million pound businesses and have an international presence. But which solution is better?...
5 Reasons to Consider Managed File Transfer in the Cloud
11 July 2018
Storing sensitive files and personal data in the cloud can be a touchy topic for some, keeping even the most seasoned information security leader or data protection officer awake at night. Although, despite what the humble salmon teaches us about swimming against the tide, it is hard to fight against the unstoppable trend towards cloud adoption....
OutThink is Recognised by GCHQ and HMG as the Leader in Cybersecurity Training
10 July 2018
Pioneers in cybersecurity culture and cognitive training solution vendor OutThink Threats has been awarded by GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) as a preferred supplier to government departments in the UK....
ENISA's 8 Step Plan for Building a Risk Aware Cybersecurity Culture
9 July 2018
There is almost universal recognition that traditional security awareness raising campaigns, such as those which leverage legacy CBT and phishing simulations are not, in themselves, affording sufficient protection against cyber attacks....
How to Simplify GDPR with a Dynamic Privacy Policy
6 July 2018
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a difficult beast, with some estimates as low as 15% for the number of organisations who considered themselves GDPR ready by May 25th 2018. Not a surprise then considering the debacle that was re-consent email deluge and the "we have changed our privacy policy" communications that flooded everyone's inbox....
What is the Difference Between FTP and Managed File Transfer?
5 July 2018
It may be obvious to some that FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an insecure protocol; and that its continued use for transferring sensitive or personal is inappropriate. Yet, its use for that very purpose still continues according to Rapid7, creating an unnecessary risk....
What is the UK's New Minimum Cyber Security Standard?
30 June 2018
This week has seen the release of a new baseline of mandatory cyber security requirements for UK government departments. Known as the Minimum Cyber Security Standard, it creates a minimum set of measures which all government departments will need to adhere to, although the hope is that as a baseline, they will in fact seek to exceed these at all times....