Progress MOVEit 2021 is Finally Here!

Progress MOVEit 2021 is Finally Here!

It is the 28th April 2021 and after what has been a spectacularly strange twelve months, the summer is soon to be upon us and there is a new release of Progress MOVEit 2021.

Yes, we are excited - please don't judge.

So what is new in this hotly anticipated release of Progress' popular managed file transfer solution I hear you ask? Well, as always we are here to give you the low-down before anyone else.


MOVEit Transfer 2021

Data Encryption Key Rotation

In previous versions, MOVEit Transfer has encrypted its file store using either a key which was determined at install; or in the case of Azure Blob storage, possibly a key managed by Microsoft Azure. Certainly in the case of the former, some of our longer-term customers will have been using the same key for multiple years. Something which would make even the most forgiving of security teams shudder.

In the 2021 release, the file store encryption key can now be automatically rotated, meaning you can implement a programme of changing keys. This ultimately means better security for a solution which is often storing very sensitive information.

MOVEit Transfer Key Rotation

Features include:

  • View history of organization-wide encryption key rotation.
  • Get a helpful time-to-complete estimate.
  • Launch re-encryption work right now, in off hours, or as appropriate (override with pause and resume)
  • Pause and restart the conversion process.
  • Get reminders on paused or pending rotations.
  • Get completion summary, alerts, and reports on completed rotations.


MFA and Security Disclaimer Updates

Multi-factor authentication has now been added to the MOVEit client. A desktop application which can be used to interface with MOVEit Transfer for simple drag-and-drop interactions. This brings the MOVEit client in-line with web-based access and the mobile client.

In addition, the security disclaimer which can be presented to users when logging into the web-based interface has now been ported over to both the MOVEit client and the mobile app. 

MOVEit Mobile Security Notice Disclaimer

Again this addition brings these interfaces in-line with the capabilities provided by the web-based interface, ensuring the experience is the same for users, regardless of how they use the solution.


Custom Branding for Email Notifications

A common criticism of MOVEit Transfer has been that its email notifications have been fairly bland, even when configuring and sending the HTML version. In MOVEit Transfer 2021 this has been improved by replicating the branding settings of the web-interface onto any sent emails.

MOVEit Transfer Custom Branding for Emails

This new feature will help to modernise the look and feel of MOVEit Transfer with users; and also give a better feel of authority in the email notifications.


Other Updates

In addition to the updates listed above, we also will see the following updates to the MOVEit Transfer solution in the 2021 edition:

  • Revised logging to include a flush setting based on a timer; allowing administrators to create a new log file after a period of time, rather than on service restarts or once the defined maximum log file size has been reached.
  • Configure distinct email target/recipient for cases where MOVEit Transfer detects high-severity, low-frequency events. For example, email recipients could be an operations engineer, an IT group's 'on-call' list, or other responsible individuals in accordance with site-reliability notification and escalation schedules.
  • REST API improvements including: New response model for One-Time Password (OTP); Updating folder sharing and permissions; and more.

For the full list of updates, see the Progress MOVEit Transfer 2021 release notes:


MOVEit Automation 2021

Updated User Interface for Advanced Task Configuration

The Updated advanced task configuration view is based on a more modern and efficient web UI workflow. The improved UI layout provides greater visibility to the advanced task schedule and steps as well as enhanced accessibility to improved functionality.

MOVEit Automation 2021 Advanced Tasks Layout

The enhancements include improved navigation within advanced tasks, enhanced visibility of groupings, improved edit options, and the ability to drag-and-drop steps within the task configuration.

S3 Compatible Host Support

The expansion of the S3 host to utilize alternate endpoints allows MOVEit Automation administrators to create hosts at alternate storage providers that utilize the S3 protocol to interact with other systems. This includes cloud storage and hardware devices that adhere to the S3 protocol.

MOVEit Automation 2021 S3 Hosts

Other Updates

In addition to the highlighted changes above, MOVEit Automation 2021 also includes the following enhancements:

  • Ability to now send HTML formatted emails with WYSIWYG editor.
  • Lockout capabilities for user accounts which fail multiple logon attempts.
  • Various bug fixes.

If you would like to view the full release notes, please use the following link:


How to Upgrade

Both MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation 2021 are available on the 28th of April 2021. Customers who have an active support and maintenance contract are able to download and install this update for free. If you need to re-activate your support and maintenance contract or if you would like some assistance with upgrading to MOVEit 2021, you can book a call with us by clicking here.

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