Service Pack 2 Makes WhatsUp Gold 2018 the Best Version Yet

Service Pack 2 Makes WhatsUp Gold 2018 the Best Version Yet

The past three months seem to have been a summer which just keeps giving. After deliciously warm weather throughout July and August for almost everyone in the northern hemisphere, we now are given the second service pack for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2018, which promises to be packed full of goodies and features.

Available to install for all Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold customers with an active support and maintenance contract, SP2 offers some welcomed changes.

So what's new?


1. Migrate Dashboards from Earlier Versions

In my personal opinion, this has been the most requested feature I have ever seen from a WhatsUp Gold release.

Now you can use a new dashboard migration tool to move those well-used dashboards from a v16 release to the newer 2018 release.

Dashboard Migration Tool Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

That is going to please a lot of people.


2. Simplified Dashboard Editor

While the reporting and dashboard views have been greatly improved in more recent versions of the solution, it was felt that the customisation aspect needed some revision to improve its usability.

We agreed!

Simplified Dashboard Customisation Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

In service pack two, each dashboard is now hosted in a tab along the top of the view.

An additional tab sits at the end which when selected, reveals additional options for customisation. Such as re-ordering dashboard tabs, creating new dashboards and sharing created dashboards with other users.

This button did exist in previous versions, only was often overlooked due to its position and size on the screen.

Did you miss it too?

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3. ServiceNow Integration for Incident Response

ServiceNow is so popular and widely used, a lack of integration with this solution is a negative on anyone's shopping list.

Now, in service pack 2, any device with a change in state can trigger a configured ServiceNow integration action which in turn will create an incident with a corresponding investigation ticket.

ServiceNow Integration WhatsUp Gold

Greater integration with other network, management and security solutions is an ever increasing requirement, for the enablement of better automation and faster response times.

Hyper-resiliency has become the name of the game.


4. Quick View of Multiple Hostnames and IP Addresses

In versions prior to WhatsUp Gold 2018 service pack 2, when a device had multiple hostnames, IP addresses or MAC addresses, only the primary was displayed on the map; and the additional information was required opening the properties window, to be seen.

Not anymore. This has now been moved to the My Network or map screen for easy reach.

Multiple Hostnames Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

In the case of layer three switches or devices with multiple NICs, this feature is likely to save a lot of time when a network support technician is looking through the map for a particular device.


Other Notable Features

Aside from those mentioned above, there are other noteworthy additions and changes to the solution in service pack 2, including:

  • In-product update notifications.
  • The ability to use dynamic groups in map and custom map views.
  • A new threshold monitor for network traffic analysis, which can alert when there are connections to a TOR network.
  • New and customisable device statuses for cloud Meraki devices.
  • A Map view filter for MAC addresses.
  • An updated Office 365 and Exchange Online monitoring profile.
  • Enhanced options for DNS monitoring.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

Are you a user of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold and would like some more information about service pack 2 or about WhatsUp Gold in general?

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