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5 GDPR Modules Added to Innovative Training Solution OutThink
26 July 2018
In bringing your workforce up to speed to ensure compliance with GDPR, you’ll require top quality information security and data privacy training content. The OutThink learning material is developed by industry experts working alongside education professionals, human-computer interaction specialists, psychologists, as well as behavioural change and communication experts....
OutThink is Recognised by GCHQ and HMG as the Leader in Cybersecurity Training
10 July 2018
Pioneers in cybersecurity culture and cognitive training solution vendor OutThink Threats has been awarded by GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) as a preferred supplier to government departments in the UK....
ENISA's 8 Step Plan for Building a Risk Aware Cybersecurity Culture
9 July 2018
There is almost universal recognition that traditional security awareness raising campaigns, such as those which leverage legacy CBT and phishing simulations are not, in themselves, affording sufficient protection against cyber attacks....