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System Hardening & CIS Benchmarks for AWS Cloud Hosted Devices
20 August 2018
How many of you use AWS or another cloud hosting provider such as Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud? The question is of course rhetorical due to the limited medium that is the blog, but in any case my experience tells me that a vast majority of readers do....
5 Reasons Why You Should be Investing in Automated System Hardening
16 August 2018
I have no doubt that like most readers, system administrators, heads of IT and CISOs, that you probably have an unending list of desired solutions and tools which you would like to deploy in your networks. Writing business cases and securing the budget for everything would be in reality, impossible; and so instead, prioritisation based on need is a critical factor in deciding what to invest in....
6 Essential Things to Know about CIS Benchmarks
14 August 2018
The old adage says that you should not attempt to reinvent the wheel, as it is both a waste of time and has been perfected already. Instead, it is common accepted that wherever there is an existing standard, one should use that....