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What is Configuration Management & Why is it so Important?
9 September 2019
It was a revealed in a recent Fortinet survey of CISOs that one of the top three priorities for the next few years is the integration of network operations and IT security. Something which is corroborated by what I am witnessing when speaking to and visiting our customers....
The Top 5 Network Monitoring Tools
18 August 2019
Having worked with network monitoring tools for almost ten years, we like to think we know a thing or two about this technology and the solutions on offer. Yet, with so many new features, such as cloud monitoring, network packet analysis and application metrics, now available with these tools, it can be dizzying comparing them....
SP1 Release Keeps WhatsUp Gold 2019 the Strongest in the Market
30 July 2019
It's Summer! The weather is good...sometimes; many of us are taking well-earned breaks; and nature is in full bloom. What more could we need?...
Ipswitch Releases Crowd-Pleasing WhatsUp Gold 2019 Update
8 April 2019
At least twice a year, we run an update webinar showcasing the latest release of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold, to our customers, prospects and the curious alike. With Spring rapidly approaching (we hope), that time is upon us again with the release of WhatsUp Gold 2019....
Advanced Cyber Solutions Awarded by Ipswitch, Again!
14 February 2019
For the second year running, Advanced Cyber Solutions have been awarded by managed file transfer and network monitoring vendor Ipswitch, for our hard work in 2018....
WhatsUp Gold Ups the Ante with a New Mobile App
13 December 2018
It seems that barely a month or two goes by without yet another exciting announcement from Ipswitch, these days. In november, we had the release of a service pack for both their managed file transfer and network monitoring tools; and now we have the addition of a mobile app for WhatsUp Gold....
CSAM Health Maintains High Availability Rates with WhatsUp Gold
29 November 2018
Any environment which has SLAs or minimum levels of availability to achieve can become highly pressured one, in which any incident could possibly drag you closer to a red line which you have been mandated not to cross....
How to Monitor Azure Performance and Billing with Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold - Part 2
20 November 2018
In part one of our blog on adding performance and billing monitoring support to Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold, we focussed on collecting the Tenant ID, Application ID and Application Key, in order to create a credential in Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold....
How to Monitor Azure Performance and Billing with Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold
19 November 2018
In previous versions of WhatsUp Gold you may have noticed the introduction of monitoring support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. Providing you with the ability to monitor virtual devices, applications and even present statistics on your ongoing hosting costs....
Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold SP3 is Christmas Come Early
7 November 2018
They say that good things come in small packages; and in the case of the widely popular Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold network monitoring and incident response solution, the release of service pack 3 proves this to be true....
PRTG Lacks Significant Features Against Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold
20 September 2018
In this blog, we wanted to take a look at two industry rivals in the network monitoring space. German engineering at its best from Paessler, in the forms of PRTG; and the universally famous Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold....
Service Pack 2 Makes WhatsUp Gold 2018 the Best Version Yet
27 August 2018
The past three months seem to have been a summer which just keeps giving. After deliciously warm weather throughout July and August for almost everyone in the northern hemisphere, we now are given the second service pack for Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2018, which promises to be packed full of goodies and features....
Comparing Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds NPM
17 August 2018
In this blog, we compare network monitoring solutions Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds NPM....
3 Network Monitoring Fails Worth Avoiding
3 August 2018
Nobody is happy when the company network and systems are slow. Long wait times caused by slow applications and network speeds drain productivity throughout your organisation. As time goes on without a fix, users will start to lose their patience and faith....
A Guide to Writing an RFP for Selecting and Evaluating an IT Solution
2 August 2018
In this blog, we share some tips on how to construct an RFP (Request for Proposal). It will list the major things to consider when compiling your RFP and provide guidelines on a typical RFP lifecycle....
6 Reasons to Monitor Netflow with Network Traffic Analysis
31 July 2018
One of the most useful things to have in your network monitoring toolkit is Network Traffic Analysis. It collects and processes network flow data, commonly available through features such as Cisco’s NetFlow as well as other network device manufacturers....
5 Things You Didn't Know About Network Monitoring Solutions
27 July 2018
Network monitoring solutions and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) have been around for over twenty years; and has become a staple of many a network. With age comes a scepticism about how innovative such solutions can be; and whether or not they are commoditised, with literally hundreds of vendors offering such tools....
Using IFTTT to Monitor Servers and Network Devices
26 July 2018
Being a bit of a technology philistine at home, I was only recently enlightened to the joys of IFTTT technology and how it is powering home automation and other integrations. I have to admit, as much as I prefer to leave IT to my day job, I was intrigued at the possibilities it could open up; and even more so, how this could benefit organisations....
What is Netflow and Why Do Network Admins Swear By It?
24 July 2018
The level or knowledge or even awareness of netflow is a mixed bag, in my experiences speaking with IT managers and network engineers. Those who have attended accredited courses for network equipment or those networking veterans will be very familiar with the technology. For others, it is a new and exciting technology which can reveal a vast wealth of insight into network traffic....
Extending Network Monitoring to AWS and Azure
21 July 2018
These days it seems that it is almost impossible to find an organisation who is not either using cloud infrastructure services, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure, or at least experimenting with them. The benefits are attractive, lower operating costs, better resilience and rapid deployment times are just a few....
What is SNMP and is it Secure?
20 July 2018
Whether it be SNMP traps or community strings, there is a very good chance you have heard of this veteran network monitoring protocol at some point in your career. With well over twenty years of existence, the simple network monitoring protocol has provided us with just that, basic insight into the health of network devices, servers and software....