WhatsUp Gold 2021 - What's New and Noteworthy?

WhatsUp Gold 2021 - What's New and Noteworthy?

  • Chris Payne
  • 20 January 2021

The development team at Progress sure has been busy over the past couple of months. With a new release of WS_FTP Server in December 2020, after a hiatus of two years; seemingly not enough of a task. We are now treated to a new version of WhatsUp Gold for 2021.

That's right, the 20th of January 2021 marks the release of this year's first update to the popular and well-known network monitoring solution, WhatsUp Gold.

What is new? Let's take a look...

Log Management Plugin

Many of our customers view centralised logging as critical to their overall monitoring capabilities; and certainly in the case of WhatsUp Gold's passive monitoring via SYSLOG, Windows Event Logging and SNMP Traps. 

However, in prior versions, this capability didn't function as a log centralisation solution, as you could not retrospectively view these messages. Rather, WhatsUp Gold would simply read logs and alert based on user-defined matching patterns. Very much in keeping with the idea of monitoring.

The new WhatsUp Gold 2021 Log Management plugin allows you to collect Windows Event Log and Syslog events from any available device configured as a log data source.

WhatsUp Gold Log Management Plugin

In addition to simply collecting log data, you can customize WhatsUp Gold to collect events that fit your specific needs by defining search criteria and applying several common and/or format-specific filters when viewing corresponding reports and dashboard views.

WhatsUp Gold Log Management Report Filters

This is a fantastic addition, which is sure to attract the attention of those WhatsUp Gold users who do not already employ a log centralisation solution.

Enhanced Report Scheduling

Users of WhatsUp Gold versions since 2017 would have noticed that the report rendering, particularly in the case of PDFs, can result in poorly formatted reports.

In the 2021 edition, the report rendering engine has been corrected and optimised. Which means that reports should now be more aesthetically pleasing as well as improving the ability to print and share.

REST API Performance Monitoring

Yet another feature ticked-off on our features wish list is the addition of a performance monitor which monitors via a REST API. We are hoping to see REST API capabilities be expanded to include other areas including active monitors and alerting in future versions, with REST APIs becoming increasingly important to our customers.

WhatsUp Gold REST API Performance Monitoring

Other Features and Improvements

There are a couple of new features and improvements which have also made it as part of the 2021 release which we have included below:

  • New device support for HPE 2930 switches.
  • New application profile monitoring (APM) profile for MySQL 8.0.
  • Enhanced visibility of specific poller usage.
  • Updated user interface for Active Monitors and External Authentication.
  • WhatsUp Gold now respects the browser timeout set in IIS.

For further information bug fixes and smaller enhancements, take a look at the WhatsUp Gold release notes: https://docs.ipswitch.com/NM/WhatsUpGold2021/01_ReleaseNotes/index.htm

How Do I Upgrade?

Upgrading is a relatively painless process using a wizard driven installation file, which can be downloaded from the Progress Community Portal. Note that in order to gain access to newer versions of WhatsUp Gold, you must have an active support and maintenance contract.

Should you find yourself without an active support and maintenance contract, you can contact Advanced Cyber Solutions for further information. Book a call today.


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