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Automated & Secure File Transfers, Made Simple

Ditch the Scripts! MOVEit Automation has been on the market for nearly twenty-years and has a solid reputation for providing secure, reliable, auditable and easy-to-configure automated managed file (MFT) transfer workflows.

  • Create automated file transfer workflows in minutes.
  • Never lose a file - Track every file sent and received.
  • Speed up business processes with end-to-end automation.
MOVEit Automation Adding a File Source

Scriptless & Native Data Connectors

Connections to FTP, FTPS, SFTP, UNC, MOVEit Transfer, Amazon S3 and Azure Blob locations are native to MOVEit Automation & GUI integrated - meaning you can have an automated file transfer workflow up-and-running within minutes.

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Conditional Logic for Complex Workflows

Workflows are rarely as simple as "from A to B." Inject some dynamism into your automated file transfers with IFs and LOOPs. Allowing you to determine the destination of a file based on a condition; alert a stakeholder of a particular outcome; and much more.

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MOVEit Automation Conditional Logic
MOVEit Automation Scheduling

Time or Event Driven Workflow Scheduling

Never miss a file movement again! MOVEit Automation supports both time-based file transfer scheduling and event-driven file transfer workflows; when files must be transferred to a destination as soon as they are present in the source.

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Additional Features

Alerting on Workflow Outcome

Receive an alert as soon as a file or its respective task fails, allowing you to take corrective action ASAP.

Fully Automated Workflows

Never use Cron or Windows Scheduler again. MOVEit Automation transfers file securely and without interaction.

Full Audit Logging & Reporting

Dashboards, workflow traceability and failure alerting - gives you full visibility of everything.

Cloud Ready Software

MOVEit can be installed in an organisation owned cloud tenant, or purchased as a SaaS solution.

FIPS & NIST Compliant

Key and certificate generation uses FIPS 140-2 accredited algorithms and file deletion is NIST 800-88 compliant.

Scripting Capabilities

PowerShell and VBScript support for file manipulation or interacting with other network systems.

You Have Some Questions, Right?

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MOVEit Automation Editions

MOVEit Automation is available in two editions, allowing you to choose the right solution for you, dependent on size and requirements.

MOVEit Automation Corporate Edition

Priced from:


For smaller networks with a lesser number of workflows or requirements; or as a starter edition, which can be upgraded later.

  • MOVEit Transfer, SMTP & POP3
  • Amazon S3 & Azure Blobs
  • AS1, AS2 & AS3
  • Conditional Logic
  • PGP File Encryption - 10 Keys
  • Custom Scripting
  • Built-in Failover
  • Configurable Hosts - 10
  • Configurable Workflows - 50

MOVEit Automation Enterprise Edition

Priced from:


Our fully-featured automated managed file transfer solution for larger networks; or those with more complex requirements.

  • MOVEit Transfer, SMTP & POP3
  • Amazon S3 & Azure Blobs
  • AS1, AS2 & AS3
  • Conditional Logic
  • PGP File Encryption - Unlimited Keys
  • Custom Scripting
  • Built-in Failover
  • Configurable Hosts - Unlimited
  • Configurable Workflows - 5000

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Frequently Asked Questions

MOVEit Automation licenses are perpetual and per server instance. It is available in two editions: corporate or enterprise with additional optional modules, such as PGP encryption, failover and support for ASx. We are specialists in MOVEit licenses - so, get in contact should you wish to know more.

Yes, it is a very normal use case for our customers to purchase the cheaper and less-functional MOVEit Automation corporate edition as a starting package; and then upgrade to enterprise edition later, once there is a need for additional functionality.

Yes, in-fact MOVEit Automation already has a deployable template in the Mircrosoft Azure Marketplace.

We think so! MOVEit Automation supports a number of secure transfer protocols and allows you to customise which encryption algorithms, key-exchange algorithms and hashing functions are in use. Files which are held in the MOVEit cash after collection from source - prior to delivery to the destination - are cleared using a NIST 800-88 erasure function. In addition, all keys and certificates generated in MOVEit Automation use FIPS 140-2 compliant processes and algorithms.

It does indeed. MOVEit Automation includes the capability to create groups which can interact with particular hosts, tasks and keys/certs; and determine whether they have read or write permissions. Each administrator is tracked via their username and all actions they performed, logged in the tamper-evident audit log.

It can alert you when a task or file fails, is successful or there were no actions taken. In MOVEit Automation, workflows are built using a drag-and-drop GUI. Conditional logic such as IF statements can be used to test conditions such as the outcome of a particular file or the entire workflow, which can then lead to an action such as, sending an email.

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