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Intelligent System Configuration and Integrity Assurance

NNT Change Tracker provides critical and fundamental cybersecurity threat prevention and detection; by combining their continuous system configuration and integrity assurance with context-based closed-loop change control.

  • Context-based file integrity monitoring.
  • Real-time CIS, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 and DISA STIG hardening guidance.
  • Reduce change noise by more than 90%.

How NNT Change Tracker Works


Identify the system and/or systems to protect and monitor


Ensure the systems meet your system compliance requirements


Intelligent change control monitors and notifies on anything outside the baseline


Consistent state of integrity and compliance results in peace of mind

NNT Change Tracker Unknown Changes

Discover Unauthorised Changes Quickly

NNT Change Tracker monitors servers, applications, network devices and more for change. Categorising them into known and unknown changes based on intelligent rulesets and their F.A.S.T cloud service containing billions of known, safe changes.

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Compare Against Compliance Frameworks

Scan and compare your devices against compliance and audit frameworks such as CIS benchmarks, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 and more. Target areas of improvement and discover when compliance levels are decreasing due to changes.

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Change Tracker Compliance Monitoring

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Solution Features

Context-Based FIM

Context-based file integrity monitoring & whitelisting that ensures all change activity is analysed and validated automatically.

Intelligent Pattern Matching

Intelligent pattern matching, self-learning, change DNA technology that determines whether changes are suspicious or potentially harmful.

Minimal to Zero Change Noise

Reduce change noise by more than 90%, leaving only unwanted, suspicious changes for review and remediation.

Auditor-Ready Reporting

Continuous compliance and assurance with customisable or pre-built, auditor-ready reports to help you save limited time and resources.

System Compliance Monitoring

Real-time CIS, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 and DISA STIG configuration hardening guidance to ensure systems remain securely configured at all times

Cross-Platform Support

Cross platform support for all Windows operating systems, Linux, legacy Unix, IC, OC, network appliances & devices.

NNT’s Change Tracker product architecture, the rich feature set & ability to implement the closed-loop change cycle has been very effective in securing our IT operations. Rather than use a lot of different security tools to perform the functions we need, we use Change Tracker.

David Smithers

CIO, Israel Discount Bank of New York

Who Uses Change Tracker?

NNT Change Tracker is used by thousands of well-known and respected organisations globally, from finance, to retail, to public entities. With consistently strong reviews from customers and industry alike, NNT has been rated as the #54 World's Hottest Security Companies by Cyber Security Ventures.

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Highly Rated in Peer Reviews

NNT Change Tracker is highly rated in peer reviews, case studies and general feedback. Both the solution and the support provided by NNT are regularly commended for their functionality and helpfulness, respectively. Click on any of the badges below to read more feedback from our customers.

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"It was very easy to setup and start using right away. The team is always willing to help with any issues we came across and answer any questions we have had."

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"Support-wise, this company is excellent - fast, friendly and have always fixed any issue and answered any question pretty much immediately."