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Flexible Data Transfer, Shaping, Inspection and Integration

Primeur Data One is a modular, flexible hybrid platform able to integrate third-party technologies, creating harmonic and secure dataflows. Based on Primeur's own "Contract Oriented Architecture", Data One is the result of more than 30 years of expertise, integrating data for Fortune 500 companies.

  • Improve efficiency & performance through modularisation.
  • Simplify integration design using contract oriented architecture.
  • Freedom to evolve by decoupling data producers & consumers.

Modularised for Flexibility

Primeur Data One is composed of three different modules, delivering a friendly and intuitive user experience. Thanks to this modular approach, customers can activate just the modules they need to address their specific use cases according to their real operative needs, easily growing only when their integration requirements evolve.


Our Managed File Transfer (MFT) module, moving data securely via multiple possible protocols and across multi-platform systems. Data Mover is responsible for delivering files on-time and to the correct recipient.


Our data transformation module provides quick and flexible any-to-any data transformations between file formats. Designed to interop with Data Mover, the two can deliver fully automated end-to-end file collection, modification and delivery.


Our data monitoring & reporting module provides end-to-end visibility & control of any MFT dataflows managed by Data One - from source to destination, including any transformations & third-party integrations.

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Contract Oriented Architecture

Primeur's pioneering COA methodology categorises integration processes in three main steps - data input, mediation and data output - defining the rules, policies and constraints for each step. This approach ensures maximum reusability of configuration modules, pre-configured process templates and data used for integration, speeding up the integration process, maximising efficiency and facilitating operational maintenance.


Primeur Data One Contract Oriented Architecture


Flexible Deployment Options

Support for cloud, distributed environments Mainframes, Windows and Unix in addition to seamless Disaster Recovery support.

Clustering & Scalability

Data One can be scaled by building active-active clusters for all modules; for very large environments and data volumes.

Secure By Design

Alignment with the highest security standards of authentication, authorisation, audit, data encryption at-rest and in transit.

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Who Do Primeur Work With?

Some of the World's most recognisable companies and organisations - including some of the Fortune 500 - trust Primeur solutions for their data integration, transfer and transformation needs. What better endorsement is that?

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The service from Advanced Cyber Solutions has been excellent - Five out of five stars. We would definitely recommend them to other businesses interested in automated file transfer.

Chris Tranter

Technical Services Manager, Alliance Automotive UK
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The Primeur Data Mover module provides secure MFT using both synchronous and asynchronous file transfer protocols. Based on user-defined rules, with full decoupling between data producers and data consumers for better scalability and flexibility.

What is Primeur Data Mover?

The Primeur Data Mover is Primeur's multi-protocol, multi-platform, managed and secure file transfer solution. Providing a centralised and easy-to-use solution for managing input, output, store-and-forward and internal file transfers.

  • Utilises Primeur Data One's COA methodology.
  • Event-Driven without the need for continuous polling.
  • Abstracted data storage regardless of the data storage type.
  • Broad support of protocols, storage types & platforms.
Data Mover Contract Oriented Architecture

What Capabilities are Included with Primeur Data Mover?

Technical Specification
Supported Platforms Linux - Windows - z/OS
Supported Databases Oracle
Supported Protocols FTP - SFTP - FTPS - HTTP - HTTPS - PeSIT + Primeur Protocols: PR4 - PR5 - PR5S
Supported Third-Party Tools IBM Connect:Direct - Axway Secure Transport
Data Conversion Charset ID Management - ASCII to EBCDIC - EOL/EOR conversion from different platforms - DOS to Unix, etc.
Encryption Integration with GnuPG and PKI for signing and encryption
Encryption Protocols AES256 - PGP - SSL/TLS - S/MIME - CADES - PKCS#7
User Authentication Microsoft Active Directory Server - File based user repository - OpenLDAP Server - z/OS RACF - RADIUS / OTP - OpenID Connect - Kerberos support
DMZ Proxy No files residing on the DMZ. No opening of input ports on the firewall irrespective of the file transfer direction. File transfer session termination on the DMZ before propagation into the Intranet
Compliance FIPS140-2 - PCI DSS - GDPR
Flexibility Simple and powerful RESTful MFT API for bulk upload and download. Built-in BPMN engine with an easy-to-use graphical interface allowing the implementation of any MFT use case, including the ability to invoke API, command line, external script engines or third-party applications. File-driven, event-driven and on-demand automation, customised actions are triggered on specific conditions. A rich set of transport policies allows establishing timely rules for limiting the number of simultaneous transfers and prioritising between flows, allowing organisations to align MFT capacity with business needs.

How is Primeur Data Mover Deployed?

Primeur Data Mover is designed to be both modular and scalability giving it the flexibility to be deployed in almost any environment; and catering to any need. Where there is a need to increase capacity, any of the modular components can be expanded via clustering; as can network segmentation be achieved through the use of gateway proxies and transport engines.

Primeur Data Mover Deployment Architecture

Central Manager

Administration, management & monitoring, responsible for overseeing data integration commands & orchestrating operations.

Transport Engine

The component in charge of performing executive tasks such as file transfers, data compression & data encryption.

DMZ Gateway

The component responsible for isolating senders or receivers sitting external to the trusted network.

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