Increase User Awareness with Automated Policy Management

NETconsent delivers a proactive and sustainable method for handling your policies lifecycles. Create, deliver, record acceptance and periodically quiz your employees on their understanding of your organisation's policies. Helping you to promote a culture of compliance and minumum standards.


NETconsent has been crafted over the past 18 years to become the number one policy automation solution. Giving you the ability to demonstrate that your users have read, accepted and understood your organisation's policies. Compliance and governance couldn't be simpler.
    • Support Multiple Document Types

    • Full Version Control

    • Standards Mapping & Dashboards

    • Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint

    • Risk Reporting

  • Multiple Language Support

  • Full Reporting Engine with Scheduling.

  • Opinion Polls, Assessments & Surveys

  • Cross Reference Policies which Relate

  • Document Lifecycle Management

  • Modularised for Targeted Environments

  • Messaging Client for Instant Notifications

  • Full Audit Logging

  • Supports Active Directory and Novell

  • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

Modularised for Different Scenarios

NETconsent has been modularised so that it can meet the requirements of multiple scenarios. Square solutions do not fit into round holes, so why not customise the solution so that it does? 

Policy Manager

Create legally valid proof of employees having seen, understood & agreed to policies.


Use NETconsent Examiner to test, monitor, and report employees' understanding of policies.


Use NETconsent Assessor to poll staff opinions, undertake assessments and analyse employees' feedback.


Use NETconsent Informer to disseminate announcements on a need-to-know basis.


Use NETconsent Reporter to analyse, track, present and manage policy & risk management information.


Use NETconsent Alerter to communicate urgent corporate messaging direct the user's desktops.

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We offer web based one-to-one demonstrations of all our solutions, including Ipswitch MOVEit Managed File Transfer. If you would like to get a better understanding of the solution in a live environment, we would be happy to take you on a tour of the features.

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NETconsent Examiner    
NETconsent Reporter    
NETconsent Informer    
NETconsent Assessor    
NETconsent Alerter    
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