Prisbelönt IT-Säkerhets Företag

Information och IT-säkerhet finns i vårt blod. Vi har många års erfarenhet från branschen och är väldigt stolta över vad vi gör. Du har valt rätt företag!

Ipswitch Managed Files Transfer Network Monitoring Partner of the Year

Våra Leverantörer

Handplockad och noggrant testad.

IT & Network Monitoring

Who hasn't heard of WhatsUp Gold? Monitor the health of WiFi, Cloud servers, virtual machines, applications and much more.

Managed File Transfer

Often referred to as the most secure managed file transfer platform on the market, available on-premise, on Azure or in the cloud.

FIM & Secure Configuration

Maintaining PCI-DSS compliance and CIS benchmarking need not be difficult with FIM, secure configuration and logging from NNT.

GDPR Management

Always know your adherence with the GDPR using this management tool. Conduct DPIAs, create a dynamic privacy policy and more.

Governance & Compliance

Monitor and demonstrate your compliance with ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials and GDPR with this cloud-based governance, risk and compliance solution.

Phishing Simulation

Phishing Simulation

Verizon estimates that up to 80% of all data breaches start with a phishing attack. Train users to spot the signs of phishing and become the human firewall.

DMARC Reporting

DMARC Reporting

Learn who is using your domain, what they are sending and to whom. Protecting your email domain will increase your deliverability rates and your reputation.

Policy Management

Ensure your users receive the latest IT policies for your business; and you have demonstrable evidence of their acceptance and understanding.

Our work is award winning  & unrivalled

Vi är prisbelönta och enastående

När vi började Advanced Cyber Solutions bestämde vi oss för att vårt första fokusområde skulle vara att lösa IT-säkerhetsproblemen för våra kunder. På grundval av det har vi blivit mycket populära hos våra kunder och leverantörer.


Vi är välutbildade i alla våra lösningar och förstår de flesta branschens bästa praxis, datasäkerhetsstandarder och IT-regler.


Oavsett om det är GDPR, PECR, ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, PCI-DSS, incidentrespons eller bara cybersäkerhet, kan vi hjälpa dig med revisioner, riskbedömning, utbildning och teknisk support.

Återkoppling från våra Kunder och Leverantörer

Vi uppskattar mycket komplimanger.

Matt Scotney-Jones Channel Manager Ipswitch

Advanced Cyber Solutions are seen as an extension to the Ipswitch team. The level of knowledge and value they offer customers across the product range, is above and beyond every time.

Matt Scotney-Jones

Channel Manager for Northern Europe, Ipswitch

Tim Timmins Senior Manager Systematic

Advanced Cyber Solutions understood exactly what we need. They've shown genuine interest in our business and how the solution can address our requirements.

Tim Timmins

Senior Manager, Systematic

Aaron Townsend Head of Service Delivery British Medical Journal

Email security is fundamental to the British Medical Journal as we are a source of global medical knowledge, Advanced Cyber Solutions was able to help with a DMARC solution.

Aaron Townsend

Head of Service Delivery, British Medical Journal

James Seaton Business Development Manager NNT

There is seemingly nothing that Advanced Cyber Solutions can't do. Whether it be pre-sales work, customer management or support, they never dissapoint. Safest hands in the industry for sure!

James Seaton

Business Development Manager, NNT

Joakim Olsson

I consider myself a WhatsUp Gold veteran with over ten years of experience, but being able to talk about old and new features with Advanced Cyber Solutions has been very rewarding.

Joakim Olsson

Technical Specialist, CSAM Health

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