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Secure Digital Rights Management control

Vera allows you to quickly and securely share files with external clients, providing you with control over file access and protection wherever that data travels. Built to securely integrate with modern collaboration platforms like SharePoint, OneDrive, MFT solutions like GoAnywhere or even P2P solutions like DropBox, Vera gives you the ability to extend your control of shared files. Secure, track, audit, and revoke access to your crown jewels, including sensitive legal and financial data - keeping your most valuable content secure. Collaborate freely. Collaborate securely. Stay in control.

  • Secure Digital Rights Management
  • Broad File Format Support: Microsoft Office, PDF, Media files
  • Active File Protection: Change access and policies on the fly

How Vera Manages Your DRM


When your data is shared internally or externally Vera automatically secures it all


See how your data is accessed, who is viewing it and how often it is shared


Manage and mitigate risk and ensure compliance with a full audit trail of files


Remove access to sensitive data shared with 3rd parties or internal employees

Control Your Data

Wherever it travels


With Vera you can track, manage and control you data.  No matter where the data travels, how it is stored or shared you remain in control. Add watermarks to documents, set access time limits or simply revoke access and remove data from wherever it has been delivered - Vera provides an industry-leading level of control, whilst retaining the flexibility your employees are crying out for.

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Solution Features

File Security for your existing tools

Works with your existing platforms to provide secure management of data across Word, Powerpoint and Excel files.

Effortless Integrations

Integrates with internal and external solutions like Box, Microsoft Office, Dropbox and Sharepoint, so your team can collaborate as usual.

File Activity Tracking

Easy-to-use dashboarding that allows for monitoring and auditing file access, exports, key events and data usage insights

The key to growing a successful security culture is making it as easy as possible for your employees to behave and do their business in a secure manner. Vera is one of those tools that can help you do that. For an international brand like Pokémon, having the tools to enable employees and partners to share information more freely, and securely, is extremely powerful. Our employees are leveraging Vera to do their jobs faster and more effectively, keeping us ahead of the curve.

John Visneski