Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

The World's Most Popular Network Monitoring Solution

Get "at-a-glance" up, down or warning statuses; and performance statistics for servers, storage, and wireless, regardless of whether in the cloud or on-premise; plus proactive monitoring for network traffic, applications, virtual environments and network devices - All through one intuitive interface.


Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold is one of the most recognised names in the IT industry, famous for providing powerful network monitoring, intuitive dashboards and incident response capabilities through integrations. That strength has been built on with each new release, creating a solution which can truly turn your IT team from reactive to proactive.
  • Customisable Dashboards and Reports

  • Notifications for Device Status Changes

  • Email & SMS Notifications

  • Integration with ServiceNow and IFTTT

  • Automated Script Execution

Network Monitoring for Any Scenario

Whether you are a large multi conglomerate, a small to medium business or wanting to set up your own monitoring service for your customers, WhatsUp Gold has a model to suit.


Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium

WhatsUp Gold Premium

Premium edition puts WhatsUp Gold's most popular features, into an affordable package. With device, WiFi and cloud monitoring; paired with alerting and network maps, you can't go wrong.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Total Plus

WhatsUp Gold Total Plus

With every feature at your fingertips, Total Plus puts you in command of network device management, deep application monitoring, traffic analysis and cloud monitoring. There is nothing left for us to give.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Subscription

WhatsUp Gold Subscription

For customers with 300 devices or less, Ipswitch's subscription model delivers a manageable and lower cost each year, without compromising on features and expectations.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold MSP Model

WhatsUp Gold MSP

In today's world, even the smallest customer desires the best solutions. With the MSP version, you can extend your network monitoring capabilities to customers as small as five devices in size.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold
Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Going Above and Beyond EMEA
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See it Live in Action!

We offer web based one-to-one demonstrations of all our solutions, including WhatsUp Gold If you would like to get a better understanding of the solution in a live environment, we would be happy to take you on a tour of the features.

Take a look at our definitive guide to Network Monitoring and Incident Response
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WhatsUp Gold Goodness available in two simple versions. Premium is our most cost-effective version with support for SNMP, WMI, Ping, Azure & AWS, WiFi and storage monitoring. Total Plus adds on Virtualisation, network packet inspection and application monitoring, for the full package.

Ask about our subscription and perpetual licensing models.

  Premium Edition  Total Plus Edition
Ping, SNMP & WMI Monitoring    
Automatic Discovery    
Dynamic Network Maps    
Alerting & Notifications    
Customisable Dashboards & Reporting    
Wireless & Storage Monitoring    
Azure & AWS Cloud Monitoring    
Sflow, Netflow & JFlow Additional  
Application Monitoring Additional  
Vmware & Hyper-V Monitoring Additional  
Scalability Pollers Additional 5
High-Availability Additional Additional
Technical Support 1st Year Included 1st Year Included
Licensing Device-Based Points-Based
  Request Pricing Request Pricing

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Whether it be a simple chat on the phone about your project, assistance with a trial or some certified training, we can help. Working with network monitoring solutions for over nine years and being awarded by Ipswitch for our work,  means that we are the number one choice for Northern Europe and EMEA.


Free version of WhatsUp Gold now available
18 February 2022
Last week Progress announced the launch of a new edition of WhatsUp Gold was hitting the market. But this wasn't just a bulked up version of what had come before, with a broader feature set. This was a free version of WhatsUp Gold. 
Comparing Progress WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds
4 February 2021
In this blog post we are comparing two network monitoring goliaths - Progress WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds NPM, which is the Network Performance Monitoring module of the wider SolarWinds solution. For simplicity, we will continue to refer to this simply as SolarWinds and point-out where other plugins are required.
What is Configuration Management & Why is it so Important?
9 September 2019
It was a revealed in a recent Fortinet survey of CISOs that one of the top three priorities for the next few years is the integration of network operations and IT security. Something which is corroborated by what I am witnessing when speaking to and visiting our customers.