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Get "at-a-glance" up, down or warning statuses and performance statistics for servers, storage, and wireless, regardless of whether in the cloud or local. Complete your management toolkit by adding proactive monitoring for network traffic, applications, virtual environments and network devices. All through one intuitive interface.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Interactive Map

Interactive Network Map

See all your servers, network devices, bandwidth monitors and more, along with their current health status in one interactive and customisable map.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Reporting and Analysis

Reporting Dashboards

Everything from health status, to performance monitors, to predictive trending. Whatever you need to keep an eye on, WhatsUp Gold has you covered.

Wireless Monitoring

With wireless monitoring (including cloud WLC support) you can keep tabs on AP uptime, signal strength, number of collected clients and their transmission speeds.

Automated Alerting

Never be in the dark again. WhatsUp Gold can alert when devices are down or approach thresholds. Notifying you via email, SMS, Slack and syslog, to name a few.

See it Live in Action!

We offer web based one-to-one demonstrations of all our solutions, including Shieldox. If you would like to get a better understanding of the solution in a live environment, we would be happy to take you on a tour of the features.


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Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold IT and Network Monitoring Buyers Guide

IT & Network Monitoring Buyers Guide

Choosing the right network monitoring solution is critical to organisational success.Look in any organisation today and you will find a hard-working group of individuals tasked with the near impossible: navigating an increasingly complex IT environment while securely delivering virtually zero downtime.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Reporting and Analysis

Three Network Monitoring Fails and How to Avoid Them

Some IT teams unknowingly implement processes and systems that lead to common monitoring fails. We discover which processes and systems can lead to network monitoring failures; what are the best practices used by high performance IT teams avoid to avoid such failures; and much more.